Mini Vacation In Tahoe

This past weekend was just what we needed! (Minus the 4 hour traffic we suffered coming home)

We were lucky enough to have the chance to tuck ourselves away for a few days in an extraordinary cabin...and melt away our worries via fun boat rides on the lake.

We found ourselves craving the crisp air that Tahoe has an abundance of. Cooking together, eating hearty meals that left us stuffed-yet still wanting Plus, we were able to keep Ryan on board the boat the entire time! Which should become an Olympic sport, seeing as how our son kept wanting to abort ship every chance he got!

When Ryan wasn't trying to swan dive off the boat, he was looking through binoculars. Amazed at everything he thought he saw. While looking up at the sky he said he saw fish...Nemo to be exact. This being the reason we busted out the animal flash cards again and are giving him a crash course on birds vs fish.

Also, is it just me or do vacations (mini or otherwise) give you an extra boost of love? Being stripped of our day to day routine feeds my romantic brain particles and all I want to do is smile, hug and give lots of kisses!

My conclusion is very simple - Mini vacations are good for the soul!