Learning Shapes With Sidewalk Chalk

One of my son's favorite activities is getting crazy with sidewalk chalk. Almost everyday we head out and draw with chalk until covered with colored powder. I'm not going to lie...it can get repetitive at times. Thus inspired some games I've thought of to keep the chalk excitement at an all time high! Below are some ideas, plus our very favorite game we refer to as "Shapes".

How to play "Shapes"

`Draw 3-4 different shapes on the ground. You can draw just one of each or multiples like we do.

`Describe each shape and the name to your toddler.

`Then just ask your toddler to jump on said shapes.

`It turns into a fun little learning game...and my toddler picked it up pretty fast, which is exciting.

Some Other Fun Chalk Ideas

`Trace each other while you lay down on the ground. Then color in your bodies with clothes etc.

`Go old school with hopscotch and four-square.

`Ask your toddler what they see around them and draw the items together. If they see a tree help them draw a tree. If they see a flying shark like my kid...help them draw a flying shark.

`Create a family portrait.

`Ask your toddler to draw what they had for breakfast/lunch.

`Spend time drawing a little obstacle course or a finish line for them to cross with their Plasma car/bike/scooter.

`Lastly, don't forget to take pictures of your child's chalk creations!

Have Fun!