Homemade Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

You guys I am really excited to share these cookies with you today! They have fast become my favorite and if your a peanut butter junkie like me....then you are about to jump out of your pants!

Ready. Set. Jump.

Nutter Butter cookies are my absolute favorite. I love eating them, but honestly they are one of the worst cookies you could possibly eat. I never really thought you could re-create such an iconic Nabisco cookie, but on a recent trip to the California Academy of Sciences I bought a peanut butter sandwich cookie and it tasted just like a dang 'Nutter Butter'! Badda Bing Badda Boom. Naturally, I spent the rest of the day trying to enjoy the science museum...but really trying to think of how I could bake these cookies on my own. Honestly, I just used my peanut butter cookie recipe and jazzed up some peanut butter with powdered sugar and heavy cream. I did use all organic and natural ingredients, which makes me feel better when I eat more than one! The real trick was trying to make them look like real 'Nutter Butters'. Don't worry! The whole process is very simple and I am excited for you guys to try them out.


What You Need

*I used organic ingredients...but you can use whatever you have or feel comfortable buying*


`3 cups organic flour

`1 tsp organic baking powder

`1 tsp organic baking soda

`pinch of organic salt

`2 sticks organic un-salted butter

`1 cup all natural organic peanut butter

`1 cup organic sugar

`1 cup organic brown sugar

`2 large organic eggs

`1 tbs all natural pure vanilla extract


`1 cup all natural organic peanut butter

`1 stick un-salted organic butter

`3 cups organic powdered sugar

`2 tsp all natural pure vanilla extract

`1/4 cup heavy cream

What You Do

`Bake the cookies!

`Make sure all your wet ingredients are at room temperature. This will help your dough be smooth and result in a soft and chewy cookie.

`Cream together the butter, sugars and peanut butter.

`Mix in the eggs and vanilla.

`Slowly mix in the dry ingredients.


`Once your dough is formed, store in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours. The dough must be cold when you roll it and bake it. If you do not chill the dough, your cookies will end up huge! Keeping the dough cold will hold up their shape while baking.

`With your cold dough roll little dough balls. Roll the dough pieces in sugar, press with a fork to make the peanut butter cookie markings and pinch the center to make them look like peanuts! Don't forget to roll them in sugar prior to baking. The sugar will give the cookies really nice texture.


`Whip up the filling.

`Mix the peanut butter, butter, sugar, vanilla and heavy cream until smooth and silky.

`Use a piping bag and fill the cookies. Use two cookies to make a sandwich!