My Chatbooks

It is no secret how much I adore Instagram. I know for a fact that a lot of people, including family members think the whole thing is ridiculous, or makes no sense. I mean who really cares what you are doing, what you are wearing or what you are eating. I guess no one. Or everyone?

Or maybe just my mom ... Hi Mom!

The point of it for me is to document the beauty in our otherwise mundane daily routines. When I say I take a photo of everything, I make no exaggerations about it. I literally take a photo of everything and looking back I think "THANK GOD I DID!" I was so blissfully unaware of what kind of life I would have in the future as I took endless photos of my son. I had no idea he would be ripped away from me so soon. I took photos of; what he wore, what he ate, what I baked, what we crafted, park dates, play dates, being late for preschool, kisses on the cheek, Starbucks, beach days, Disney days silly faces, pancakes in the morning, pancakes in the evening, Target runs and most importantly I captured the three of us all together smiling and having fun. My husband, my son and myself, the three of us were perfect. The three of us are perfect. And it is all captured in wonderful, tiny squared images on Instagram.

I am beyond grateful of my overzealous need to post photos of my life on Instagram. If only I can collect all my favorite most memorable Instagram posts and create a book of them. A book I can hold close to my heart and a book that showcases how our life was with our Ryan Cruz.

Enter Chatbooks.