A Baby Shower That Gives Back

I am always looking for ways to give back. There is nothing better than doing good for others in need. I’ve also found that when you are right smack in the middle grieving one of the best things you can do is give back. Whether it is for a charity or simply surprising someone with a tasty homemade dinner and dessert. For me anyways, it makes my heart feel whole when I usually feel broken. Doing good makes me feel good and I need all the feel good moments I can grasp.

Back in July when Dan and I announced we were expecting our second child my readers and Instagram followers were more than supportive. Our online community filled of friends were so excited for us and eager to shed every ounce of support their souls could offer. It was amazing and my husband and I couldn’t believe it! So many of you have reached out to gift us things and offer words of encouragement and congratulations. We can’t thank you enough. In turn, I wanted to try and channel all your generosity for an idea I had . . .

With my due date around the corner it seems to be that time when baby showers are thrown for expecting mothers. I’ve decided to throw myself a baby shower but instead of receiving gifts for myself I want to received gifts to give to the incredible charity organization Baby2Baby. Baby2Baby provides low-income children ages 0-12 with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. I can’t help but think what a perfect opportunity this is to collect donations and give them to so many children in need! There goes my heart feeling whole again!

I am lucky enough to have gained partnership with the one and only Munchkin Inc., together we are hosting this charity baby shower event that will surly blow your socks off! We’ve reached out to all my favorite baby brands and sweet treat and beverage vendors that will all be present to serve you in more ways than one. When I look at all the incredible companies involved I want to scream with excitement! Coming together for a great cause is exciting, but I did want to make it worth your while and I think I outdid myself here. Not to brag or anything ;)

I’ll be going into more detail about each and every one involved in the coming weeks. In the meantime, take a look at our invite below. There you can read about all the fun activities planned and the deliciousness you'll be able to enjoy. Please RSVP using the Eventbrite page link here. In keeping with the 'baby shower' theme there is a gift registry were all the items listed are the most needed by Baby2Baby. Once you RSVP, plan on coming with your unwrapped gift/donation ready to party with me for an incredible cause!