Dressing For A Good Cause With Sonnet James

It always feels really, really good to give back. On all levels. Giving back to me can mean something as small as offering a helping hand or even a generous smile to a stranger. Or it can obviously mean donating your time and resources to people/organizations in need of support. Both are equally fulfilling and it has become a secret weapon of mine. I have found that giving back helps fill the harsh void in my heart from losing my son. Giving back and helping child charities makes me feel warm and happy. It makes me feel whole for a moment. I imagine a small, shining, sliver of Ryan's spirit is laced within my acts of giving back. I wish I could help every single organization out there. With that said, giving back to those in need, especially children, has become quite a passion of mine.

Lately, I've been trying to find creative ways to honor my son as well as find opportunities to give back to children charities. Also, I'm trying to do as much work as I can before this baby girl graces us with her presence! When Sonnet James reached out to me about helping them launch a dress where a portion of the proceeds go towards a charity of my choice, I jumped at the chance. As you know I am whole heartedly dedicated to living life loud and wild alongside your children and Sonnet James captures that beautifully. Sonnet James create incredible 'play dresses for playful moms'. Meaning their dresses are made to have mothers look put together and chic while still having room to get down and dirty during their children's play time. You can take a look at their newest line of dresses here. I chose the 'Grey Reese Dress' from their new holiday line to style myself and my bump in. The best part is that $3 dollars from each of this dress sold will go towards the wonderful charity Splash. Splash dedicates their time to source safe, clean drinking water for children all around the world. You can learn more about them here.

It might be a small way to give back, but it was such an honor to have the chance to do so. I had the best time styling this dress and recently purchased an extra one in a different color because they are so comfortable. Thank you again for walking this journey with me. I am excited to show you companies that I am passionate about that also give us the opportunity to give back! I love doing good with you all . . .

- - -

If you head over to the Sonnet James site you'll see a few other beautiful bloggers who styled other dresses for charities of their choice. All their photos feature them alongside their children. Of course that makes me feel sad as I so wish I could capture Ryan's smile and wildly bright red hair. Although my baby bump is featured in my photos I wanted to have the photos taken at a place that was special to my son Ryan and I. So he can be 'present' just like everyone else's children. Ryan and I used to go to our local farmers market every Thursday evening. We would always bring enough cash for vegetables, kettle corn, corn on the cob and ice cream. We'd also buy a small bin of berries to eat while we walked around. I used to take him in his stroller up until recently he was determined to walk with me. I like to think Ryan is my photos. You can see him in my smile and the warm Fall colors. I bought some ice cream for us too. I bought ice cream for all three of us really. So while I am showing you this dress, I'm also sharing with you a special place where my son and I used to run around eating everything in sight. I also tried juggling apples which didn't end well, but it was fun in the moment and probably made Ryan laugh. :)