Visiting The Start of Baby Boy Bakery


I can not believe we are now about to begin our fourth month of my We Cook kits. It is absolutely unreal to see this idea I had come to life over the last year. So much sweat and a million more tears went into this passion project of mine. I wanted this to happen so badly I launched it while heading into my third trimester with Mila, which in hindsight wasn’t the best idea. However, everyone made it through. With each month I am learning and applying all my lessons into making upcoming We Cook kits bigger and better. I am also working hard on creating more product for Baby Boy Bakery Kids which I am so excited to share with you all soon.

With our February We Cook kit being sent out in just a few days I wanted to circle back to the beginning for a moment. I wanted to show you all a few photos from about five years ago when ‘Baby Boy Bakery’ started in our tiny apartment. That tiny apartment we found on a whim. That tiny apartment that we brought Ryan home to from the hospital after being born. Sometimes when I’m driving on the freeway and pass our old exit my heart yearns for our old home where Dan and I grew into parents.

I remember telling Dan as he was sitting on the couch and Ryan and I playing on the floor. I told Dan I wanted to start a blog and he just agreed with me telling me “Ya, do it!”. Really he had no idea what I was getting into, and neither did I. For a few years my blog was just being read by friends and family. I had no rhyme or rhythm for posts or recipes. I just shared what I made that week or what our recent happenings were. Of course when I started my blog Ryan was just a baby. Whenever I was in the kitchen I always had him with me. He would either sit in his highchair or baby seat. In a way we kind of grew up together within that tiny apartment kitchen. If you back read my blog you can see all the fun we had together.

Up until our last days with Ryan we were cooking or creating something in the kitchen. It quickly became ‘our thing’ along with weekly Disneyland adventures. It took me nearly a year after Ryan’s passing to come up with an authentic way to have his legacy continue. Thus, the path to We Cook began.

The main purpose of my We Cook kits is to encourage parents to cook with their children. Each month comes a simple, curated recipe that includes tips and tricks on how to incorporate your children while cooking. These recipes are created by me and for families that fit all types of molds. The We Cook kits can also be a useful tool for families as it shows them how to cook exciting foods as well as turn it into a fun learning experience. I believe the kitchen can be a joyous backdrop for learning and having fun with your children. Each month the We Cook kit gets sent for your children to open and discover what they can make with mom, dad, grandma or big brother. The colorful recipe cards showcase all the recipe ingredients in their whole form for children to see what exactly they need. They also have vibrant easy step by step directions for little ones to follow along with. We Cook kits also come with fun elements to heighten the child’s cooking experience. Whether it be a small craft, fun packaging for their food creations or cute kitchen utensils just for them to use. Each month We Cook grows. I am constantly testing recipes and researching items to place in to each kit. I always think, "Ok, What would Ryan love?".

With that said I can’t wait for you all to receive your February We Cook kits and those to follow. This year holds some exciting things for us all! Until you receive your kits enjoy these delicious photos of Ryan when he was just 6 months old. These were the first photos I had taken for my blog. It is bittersweet taking a look back at us then and looking at us now. More bitter as I miss my son so much. But how sweet it is to see that we are still living and creating things in Ryan's honor. How sweet it is to be still posting on this tiny space on the internet we started together.