Chewy Pumpkin Ginger Cookies

I recently went to the grocery store and purchased all I could to re-build my Fall-Winter baking arsenal. Last season I was deliciously eating my way through my pregnancy. With my daughter Mila actually due on Christmas I seriously baked all I could and ate every crumb. Our families theories on why Mila is such a happy child varies, though I know it is because I fed her all the sugar while in utero and together we started listening to Christmas music early October. How could you not be happy with that combo? Guilty, I am a huge fan of jump starting the Christmas season.

I do love me some ginger snap cookies, in fact they are my favorite and this little bakery cafe near my house serves the best I've ever had! I do make a good ginger cookie myself, but as it is the time of year to layer every food item with pumpkin flavor I followed my gut and added the pumpkin. My ginger cookie is great little morsel, fluffy yet chewy. With the added pumpkin I swear it takes them to another level of greatness! Have you ever made something in your kitchen, taken a bite and then shock yourself with how talented you are? I had that moment when these cookies came out of the oven. I also whipped these up within an hour of arriving home after a weekend away in San Fran with my family. Dan was taking a nap, Mila rummaging through my plastic mixing bowls on the kitchen floor. I had a hankering to bake and to "pumpkify" something...Thank God! They turned out awesome.

I do hope if you re-create these cookies within your own kitchen you do so alongside your family. I think baking recipes are the best to bring in little ones and have them help out. I'm a sucker for children cracking eggs and mixing ingredients with their tiny yet mighty hands. I believe some of the best memories can be made within the kitchen. The kitchen can also be such a great backdrop for learning! Make these cookies a festive tradition that celebrates the start to an epic baking season.

Try adding these cookies into lunch boxes or enjoying them as an after school treat. These cookies travel well in air tight containers, try delivering them to family members or taking them along on a family adventure! I always love bringing along a homemade treat while traveling. It brings along a bit of home while away.

As we gear up for family adventures this holiday season, we may be on the look out for accommodating places to stay with little ones. I wanted to share a favorite of ours when we plan our family adventures. Kid & Coe is a great place to find a beautiful home away from home while traveling. All their spaces are great for families with little ones of all ages. You can check our more here. First time users can also use the code babyboybakery for a $50 off their next adventure.

Here is to a great adventure and homemade treat filled season with family!