Our Top 2 Favorite Places In Los Angeles

I don't think it is much of a surprise when I say I love LA! If you know me or see me around town I'm usually dressed as a slob with an LA ball cap glued to my head, to hide my dirty hair but mostly because I truly love it here (and those Dodgers). It definitely takes a type of person/parent to raise little ones in the city. We do live a fast paced life and each day my children are faced with diversity, interesting sites, funky places, damn good eats. Oh and traffic...we deal with a lot of traffic. But truly it is beautiful here. City life is somewhat of the best life and we adore it. Mostly because everyday is different and we can just about do anything, see anything. Really though, I see try and see the beauty everywhere. I visit Kentucky often and life out on the farm would be just divine too! ;)

To all my city mamas out there, I feel it is important to give our little ones the space to run around and be free outside. Living in an apartment sans backyard we have to work a little extra at finding exciting places for our children to roam free, safely. And not just another park, you know. When my son was just a baby I used to take him up to the Griffith Park Observatory. It has such a great view, really the air seems clearer up there. On really clear days the Los Angeles skyline is truly breathtaking. When Ryan was just a baby (not walking or running) we would stroll up there, I loved walking through the observatory. I'd also nurse him on a bench or on the grass out front. Once he became mobile I let him get all his wiggles out on the large grassy area. It honestly was his favorite, and mine too. If you look back, way deep into my IG account you can see many photos of Ryan running hard against the vibrant green grass. His smile glistening with snot running from his nose. One of my favorite things is remembering how he would use the back of his wrist to wipe his nose. Such a boy. Such a joy.

The Griffith Park Observatory is such a sacred place for me and my little one. The first time I went back after losing Ryan was for this photo shoot with my signature Solly Baby Wrap design. I cried so much, standing in the same places as I once did. Standing in the same place, it all looked the same. I looked the same, yet a thousand times different. A thousand times stronger. A mother of two. Proof of hope for the future to become bright again. For those of you going through hell right now ... It will get better. I promise you that.

I look forward to letting Mila run around on that bright green grass one day. Running in her big brother's foot prints. Running together on some beautiful, heavenly level. Thank you God for my two children. They certainly are the absolute best.

You know, although Ryan and I have this scared place introducing Mila to it is important to me. Just as I've introduced her to our Disney days. There are things I have done with Ryan and now do with Mila. However, I want Mila to know she is deeply special and deserves new places. Places untouched by her big brother. Places she can call her very own. I think when you have multiple children letting them have things together and separate is important. So, recently we took a trip on the Metro to downtown Los Angeles and ate our way through the Grand Central Market. Something I hadn't done since I was a little girl. The look of wonder and excitement on Mila's face as the Metro rushed passed gave me butterflies. Really! I've said a million times, experiencing things through my children's eyes is pure magic for me. We now take the Metro to downtown often and have dinner at Grand Central Market. The tacos there are insane and we also end our trips with ice cream. Mila now has her own special spot in Los Angeles. She really loves being on the go, I think the Metro is her favorite (and the ice cream I sneak her way ;)

Any ways, these two spots in Los Angeles are two of my most loved to visit with my little ones. We are always on the hunt for new places in LA. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with excited that tears brim my eyes. I am so excited, thrilled to show Mila new places. It honestly is the best!

Below are a few photos from Griffith Park taken by Max Wanger & a video by Tory Lathrop Photography of our most recent trip to Grand Central Market!