Sneak Peek Of My Baby Book

Friends, I created a baby book and it is coming out very soon! I am beyond thrilled to be finally sharing this with you all. This baby book has seriously been a labor of love. I worked on this darling baby all last year. Honestly, I began this project the week I announced I was pregnant with Mila. I wanted to create something with my daughter as the driving force. I worked on it through out my entire pregnancy and on the day we came home from the hospital with baby Mila . . . my book was waiting for me on my doorstep! It was incredible to hold in my hands. I cried. But my hormones were bouncing off the walls so I was over emotional to start with.

As you all know I am a huge advocate for capturing every moment with your children. Capturing everything from the mundane to the wild adventures we experience with our little ones is something I'm so passionate about. I am so thankful I caught every moment with Ryan and I look forward to doing so with Mila. This passion and want to capture and hold onto every detail fueled my work behind this baby book. I wanted to create something sleek and modern. Something that was small enough to take with me anywhere in case I had time to jot down a few things. A place with pages that I could taylor to my own child and the life we shared. A baby book that was a baby journal rather. A baby journal that would soon develop into my very own time capsule I could cherish forever.

With the simple motivation to help all mothers capture the lives of their children, I set out to put together the very best baby journal. My baby journal helps mothers delve into noting everything that happens during that infamous first year. Our child's first year that always seems to slip by so quickly. My hope is that mothers take hold of their baby's first year and document as much as they can. This baby journal is filled with space to save special moments and items such as hospital wristbands. And if you save everything like me there is even space for a lock of your child's hair from their first haircut. I have thought of everything a mother would want to remember and even added a few extra things to help mothers during their baby's first year. One of my favorites is the 'Starting Solids' section. This section is full of baby food recipes, empty recipe cards for mothers to fill out with their own creations and a fun interactive food chart complete with adorable stickers. (I look forward to showing you more details soon!) I am so proud to say this baby journal has it all and then some!

My First Year - A Baby Journal is a unique piece that encourages mothers to simply write to remember. The time mothers have with their babies is fleeting. That first year is full of moments that are ours for the taking. I think the best way to soak it all in is to celebrate each and every moment. All the mundane, all the struggles, all the beauty and fun. I hope as mothers live, they write it down and capture it. As a mother of two I know I'll want to look back at my baby's first year journal. My baby journal is meant for mothers to capture life so later they can look back at it fondly. This journey of motherhood is a beautiful one. A journey worth remembering.

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Below are a few sneak peeks. Within the next few weeks I'll be diving into the whole thing and showing you every inch!