Maka Honey And Mila

My grandpa was in town this week and came to stay with us for a night. When I was little I couldn't say grandpa, only the word 'Maka' came out. It some how stuck and still my siblings and I refer to my grandparents as Maka. I actually call my grandpa Maka Honey because I used to hear my grandma call him 'Honey' around the house. So I started saying 'Maka Honey, Maka Honey'. I am sure we all have little stories like that. Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles may all have random nick names because as children we couldn't pronounce any of it correctly. I think it is so cute!

We were so excited that Maka came to visit! He met Mila for the first time and I think the two of them fell in love. Ryan adored Maka Honey too. When Ryan was with us they both referred to each other as 'Buddies'. I am pretty sure Maka Honey has been the same age since I was just little girl. He looks the same and even smells the same. I remember he took me to Disneyland once and I begged him to carry me on his shoulders all day. He did. He never took Ryan to Disneyland but he would always get on the floor with him and play cars or whatever else Ryan would dream up. Make Honey is one special gentleman. I look forward to Mila growing up with him. Even as Maka Honey gets older I bet he will still play with her just as he did with myself and Ryan.

Maka is my mom's dad. While he was visiting he kept reminiscing about when my mom was a baby and how all she did was cry. Hearing him talk about those first few months with a new baby sounded all to familiar. Midnight feedings and bouncing a swaddled baby still she fell asleep is our current situation right now. Mila has to be rocked, bounced, pushed in a stroller, moving at all times. It was so heartwarming to listen to him talk about my mom and his know how with babies. Plus, Mila was captivated. I took a few Snapchat videos and mashed them up into one quick video. You can watch it below.