Taking Things Real Slow

Soon, too soon actually our tiny Mila will quickly turn three months old. It is insane to think that she has blessed us for three months already! I feel as though we just brought her home from the hospital a few days ago. Over the past three months the four of us have been learning each other. What works and what definitely doesn't. Mila and I spend nearly every hour together. My body has now fully adapted to Mila's needs and we work in tandem through out the day. She gets to eat, then I get to work, she needs to be held, I work while I hold her. It has become a beautiful routine where I sometimes cry because my heart loves her so much. I take a look at us and think, I just love this so much. I love being a mother so much. I take a look at us and think, my children and I make quite the trio.

Life has taken a turn for the busy as I am working hard on creating for Baby Boy Bakery Shop and other projects I can't wait to share soon! Some mornings I get carried away with email, writing and recipe making. Mila, bless her is along for the ride most days. I am so grateful she enjoys being worn, because some afternoons she will nap for hours while I try and get things done. However, more often than not Mila and I spend days together where nothing gets done but nursing and Netflix. Or we go for long walks with friends. All that intertwined with a few visits to Disneyland with big brother.

Guilt rears it's ugly head and makes me feel as though I need to work harder, faster. But really, I need to relish in these moments I have with Mila as she gets ready to celebrate being three months! Three months already?! There is a quote in my baby book that says "All I did today was hug and kiss my baby. And that is ok." I wrote that while pregnant with Mila and thought "Yes!" that is so true. It is totally OK to take a day or two to do absolutely nothing but love on your children. I would give anything to just have one of those days with Ryan once again. If not a day then a few hours, one hour . . . twenty minutes to just sit on the floor and play Cars.

So often we spread ourselves thin with the intention of greatness. We set goals and write "to-do" lists. Many times I jam through our day only to find it is bed time again. I want to make a conscious effort to set aside times through out the day that are dedicated to my children. Mila is changing everyday and I want to soak it all up. I am trying my hardest to memorize her sounds, her skin even her smells (even the not so good smells). I want to take things real slow. Really slow, since life and all its happenings are so quick!

We are coming up on three months with this tiny beauty. I am sitting here thinking, how did that happen so fast? It all happens so fast!

I hope you take a few hours or a day if you can this week and dedicate it to your babies. What are your favorite things to do with your children?

Photos by Kelsea Holder Photography

Make-Up & Hair by Amanda Olson