Ryan & Mila's Spring Garden

After becoming a parent, one of my favorite things to do was begin family traditions. We all have a few that we continue from we were children. However, after starting your own family begin unique traditions that are all your own are special and exciting to plan. The Spring before we lost Ryan we had started a 'Spring Garden' tradition. We planted a bed of bell peppers and green beans. He was thrilled to go out each morning to see if anything had sprouted yet. I am not quite sure he grasped the idea of getting to eat what we grew, he just loved the act of gardening. Getting dirty, getting wet, being outside...what most little boy dreams are made of. We did see some growth which was pretty incredible to see through Ryan's eyes. A child's excitement is unmatchable and to experience your own child's pure excitement can shake you to your very core it is that intense. I adore Ryan's excited face and sounds. Ryan passed before we could reap the benefits of our harvest. My father in law actually took a few of our plants and they now grow in his garden.

This Spring I decided that our family would pick back up our 'Spring Garden' tradition. I know Ryan would have wanted to plant again. I was feeling this determined, yet happy feeling of accomplishing something with my two children for the first time. I thought, "this is what it will be from now on. doing things with both my children. one here, one there and yet still all together" it actually was pretty neat. We went to the store and picked up everything we needed. I bought a sign to put my children's name on because I wanted to feel and see Ryan as much as I could. The day we planted was a beautiful one. Warm, but not too warm. Spring was definitely wafting warm though us within the slight breeze. Or maybe it was Ryan running around us. I had Mila in my lap to start. Her little legs kept kicking over the mini pots once they were full of soil. A hint of frustration crept up on me, and I laughed because had Ryan been physically here the soil would be a giant mess and in the end we'd all be covered in it. So this is what its like doing things with both my children. I love it. I am learning to love it.

We potted a few herbs and veggies we like. We live in an apartment so our garden lives in white pots on our third floor balcony. Which is actually kind of perfect since the sun hits just right there. Just after two short weeks we saw some growth happening! Dan spotted it first and we all gathered outside to see! Come time to eat our harvest we will do it together.

Happy Spring!