Bittersweet End To Breastfeeding

We made it four months! First thing, breastfeeding is a hard game. One that I am not particularly good at. My body does it, for which I am grateful. But for some reason my milk is more non-fat, than whole. Its great for a new baby or one who wants a light meal. However, both my kids love to eat and my body just can’t keep up. At a family gathering last month, my cousin and I were talking “mom”. She mentioned she pumped nearly 14 oz in one sitting! I laughed and said I don’t even pump because just drips come out! Haha! It is frustrating when you want to make it to a year or even just six months. You really strive for it. I bought the mothers milk teas, lactation bars and cookies, ate certain foods, drank water like a camel. My sister in law swore by drinking a beer and I even tried that. My milk supply stayed the same, and just like with Ryan at four months it started to dwindle.

Anyone else like that? Did anyone do other milk inducing tricks? Any tips on tried and true formulas or favorite bottles? I just wanted to bring it up, every mom it seems has their own relationship with breastfeeding. If they did it, if they couldn't, or if they didn't want to. Either way, I want us all to support each other no matter how we feed our babies. And talk about the ways that works for us, because if it works for might help someones else!

The best news is that Mila takes a bottle and formula like a champ and the transition has been pretty seamless. She doesn’t care, so long as there is food coming from somewhere. I was nursing her half her feedings then bottle feeding the rest. Now I only nurse her in the morning. Which really isn't doing much, we'll stop soon. I'm trying to soak in our nursing moments together. It is a bittersweet feeling to be done with this part of our relationship. Nursing is so special. However, I do feel a bit relieved...

On to the next chapter with Little Miss Mila!

And Hooray for getting to wear normal bras and tops again! ;)