A Day At The Strawberry Fields

Recently my husband and I had the opportunity to go strawberry picking with a few of our friends. I had been dying to go and included 'strawberry picking' on our Summer bucket list. I had seen some dreamy strawberry picking photos on Pinterest and just thought how fun! Plus, strawberries this time of year are SO good. Honestly, I love strawberries. But nothing beats them when they are covered in chocolate.

Going on family trips such as these are really exciting right now! Even though Mila is still so little, her smile and joyful demeanor make experiencing things so fun. And heart warming! Mila is proving to be one of the happiest babies. She loves being out and about. She kept trying to grab the strawberries out of my hand that day and laughing at the same time. Right now she is at that stage when everything, EVERYTHING goes right into the mouth. I remember Ryan during that stage. It is just so funny that, that is their way of testing things out and figuring out what is what. Trying to keep Ryan from putting sand in his mouth during his first Summer was seriously a sport! He ate a good amount of sand that Summer... I wonder if Mila will have the same sand craving.

Aside from the excitement over our Summer activities there is that constant foggy layer of bittersweet. My mind just naturally wanders off and wonders "What if Ryan were here?" A lot of times now when these thoughts float in, I smile. I smile because my mind immediately sees his little body charging the strawberry fields with a fierce passion. I can hear him laughing and vigorously ripping off strawberries from their stems. Maybe eating them...most likely throwing them up into the air like a ball or Ninja Turtle weapon. My wild little man. He certainly was all around us that dewy morning at the fields.

I know Ryan isn't physically with us anymore, but I believe he is still with us. Always. I love looking at our photos from our trip to the strawberry fields because I can see him within them.

When I see us, I see all of us! I am excited to continue our Summer together as a family.

Photos by Nicki Sebastian 

My Dress by Plain Jane