Dear Mila, Happy 1/2 Birthday

Dear Mila,

Little miss, you are pure joy! It has been six months with you by my side and I am trying to soak up every moment. Just six months and we have had so many adventures! You have mastered the art of travel. With five flights under your belt, others are impressed with your ease up in the air. You make mama proud! So far we've been to; Nashville, Kentucky, Utah and San Francisco. This Summer holds a few more trips for you too. These last six months have proven to your daddy and I that life with you is magic. Sweet magic that laces our days with adventure. I hope we are doing you justice as we show you all that this beautiful life has to offer.

When I sit and count the cute things you do I am quick to find it is impossible. Though to say I love everything about you is too vague...Let me try and count the ways.

I love the way you smile at me when I'm about to feed you. You scrunch up your nose and kick your feet when you are really excited. I love how it takes something REALLY funny to make you laugh. (Just like your daddy!) I love the way your hair is starting to curl up, but only in the front. I love the way you fake cough to get attention...Dramatic. (Just like your mama!) I love how your tiny body moves with fierce determination as you roll over and scoot to reach a toy. Just recently you rolled to follow me to the kitchen and laughed when I stopped to turn around and look at you. We can tell already you have a stubborn streak, though what woman doesn't? I love your curiosity and constant need to check in and see what everyone is up to. I love the way you pull on your daddy's beard. It hurts him so bad, but he still lets you do it. Mila, I love you and it is clear that our life gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by.

How is it you eat constantly and yet you are still long and skinny? Right now you eat solid food, love all fruits and loath carrots. You love drinking your bottle and your pacifier is your most favorite. You can find it yourself in the middle of the night now. Thank you for that! One last thing, when you are tired you fall asleep best in my arms. You nestle your head in the crook of my left arm. Right when you get into that position you close your eyes and hum your self to sleep. Honestly, it doesn't get much better than that. Of course, on some days you fight your sleep because you still want to be awake with party.

When I look at you I can't believe you are mine. If I let myself get carried away I start to cry over how grateful I am for you. How'd I get so lucky?

Mila. Mimi. Sister. Scooch Booch. Meemers. These are the names your daddy and I call you. We are a funky bunch and we love this life with you. You saved a little part of us that was hurting so bad. You are teaching us how to be a family of four. A family of four in our own special way. You are teaching us how to live again. Plus the many ways to style a hair bow.

When mommy was going through her darkest days I always told myself it was OK. It was OK to be dark, because there will be light at some point. There will be light some time soon.

Mila, my light, it's you.

Happy 1/2 Birthday,

Love Mommy.