Breakfast At The Park

Lately our life seems to be going by faster than usual. We all marvel at how fast time really goes, but honestly last week left me out of breath. I feel like I am doing things, and with each task done another one appears. Fast paced and busy is a good thing. I’d rather be busy than bored. Though, time is something we have little of that is for sure! One thing that proves difficult is finding family time during the week. Both Dan and I work for ourselves so we try and work at all hours of the day. When Mila is awake I am with her, and typically Dan is with clients during the day. Come dinner time all three of us are “hangry” and tired which is a pretty deadly combo. Anyways, the three of us enjoy weekend mornings and generally how lazy they can be. Typically on the weekends we are lazy in bed. I usually run to get bagels and coffee, unless we have somewhere to be the day is spent slummin' it. I decided to bring that into the week a bit and take my family on a breakfast park date right smack in the middle of the week. And also, there seems to be so many photos of Mila and I ... I had to capture this Daddy + Daughter Duo of mine. They melt my heart!

I packed bagels, cream cheese and baby food for Mila. I brought along a few toys and our calendar so Dan and I could catch up on each others schedules while Mila played/ate grass. We picked up iced coffees on our way to the park (I get a triple shot latte, Dan gets an iced mocha) and it ended up being the most beautiful morning.

Lucky for my husband, I decided to pamper him a bit because really he is my rock and I would truly be nothing with out him. Dan is honestly the hardest person to shop for. If it isn’t Go-Pro camera gadgets or running shoes he doesn’t care about much. He is a personal trainer so he lives in athletic wear, and it is really hard to get him out of sweat stained tank tops. Also, these tank tops aren’t even really tank tops. They are old t-shirts he has cut the sleeves off of, total gym rat style. When I recently saw the MSX by Michael Strahan line at JCPenney I jumped at the chance to buy one of everything for Dan! I got him a few tops that quick-dry and these tech-knit joggers. Honestly, anything would be a step up from his homemade tanks! But this MSX line hit the spot and was affordable enough for us to purchase a few pieces, not just one. This outfit is great because it transitions from our breakfast park date to work right after for him. Low maintenance I think is every mans dream. The MSX by Michael Strahan line features transitional pieces to take you from working out to having fun with family, which is kinda perfect for Dan. He can wear them everywhere. #MSXEverywhere! I bet he’ll even give up those tanks of his for these new shirts ;) I hope ...

While at the park we decided to toss Mila into a bucket swing for the first time and I cried! I cried because she laughed and squealed with delight the entire time and tears just welled up from happiness. I live for experiencing things with my children and seeing them do things for the first time is just priceless. Nothing is better! Now, I am trying to fit a quick park session into our daily routine just so Mila can get her swing fix. Park date anyone?!

After our breakfast at the park, Dan and I parted ways for the day. I felt so full and happy that day. I know having breakfast in the park every morning isn’t realistic, but I will definitely try to do something similar every so often. It helped break up the week and let us all come back to what really is important these days. Which is family time!

*This post was in collaboration with JCPenney