A Moment To Myself

Last weekend Dan and I had a fun plan to meet up with some new friends at Malibu Wine Safari. A few days before our sitter plans fell through and Mila couldn't join us on the wine + safari tour ... for obvious reasons. Even after I called and pleaded, "She is just a baby!" the guy on the phone replied "Exactly, which is why she can't come wine tasting!" He won that argument, and it was determined that Dan would stay home with Mila while I went on the safari adventure solo.

Dan actually offered to stay home with his babe, almost as if he favored a night in with his girl rather than a night out with his wife ;) I've mentioned on Instagram lately just how much I adore my husband and my daughter together. Them two together melt me in every way. I keep imagining Dan showing her how to kick a soccer ball just right or how to swing a bat. Her pig tails swaying with each try. Sometimes I dream of her dancing and Dan cheering the loudest within the audience. Their love and bond is woven incredibly tight even at her young age ... I can't wait to see it later on!

Anyways, I took my out and joined the other couples in Malibu for a fun filled afternoon of animals and crisp wine. (I only like white and rose ... I also only had two tastes since I was by myself) On the drive up to Malibu I listened to my music loud and sang even louder. I remembered life way back in the day, when my cares were so small and my skin was smooth, void of the life scars I wear today. I felt this warm wash over me like high tide at the beach, I was happy I was alone. Dare I even admit I talked to myself a bit too? Am I the only one who does that in the car?

I try to steel moments to myself here and there during the week. But you know, it is hard. Someone always needs something from us. Ladies, can I get an Amen?! Don't you feel like you are being pulled in a 100 different directions? Being busy is a good thing, busy for me is helpful. Though, I feel spread thin sometimes and it is nice to just BE for a moment.

In this moment I was with other people, but they were all coupled off so it really was just me ... and Kendrick Llamar the llama. I took in the beautiful sights, sipped on some bubbling wine. I answered peoples questions and such, but for the most part I stayed pretty quiet. I had my thoughts and was just really happy to be there doing nothing but feeding carrots to the llamas and petting the horses. It was soothing. So much so I was able to turn my brain off. I didn't make any 'to-do' lists in my head or think about emails that were long overdo. On my way back home though work and life started to creep back in. But I welcomed it. It was almost as if I needed that moment of pause to regroup. I need to remember that when I am crying because I'm overwhelmed. To take a quick moment to myself. Just even an afternoon coffee alone can help charge me. Hope you remember to take those sweet moments too! Doing things solo can be really helpful! FYI, a solo trip to Target is pretty magical! ;)

A few photos from my time at Malibu Wine Safari by Hagop Kaladjian // @hagopphoto