Designers & Inspirers. My 31 Bits Collaboration

Never in a million years would I have thought myself to be a 'designer'. I've always been the creative type, daring with style and quick to make things on my own. I love putting together things that don't belong and fancy myself a DIY gal ... Unless I burn myself with a glue gun. Then I throw everything in the trash and just buy whatever it was I tried to make.

This past year I have dabbled with some incredible brands, fearless companies willing to take chances on me. Me! Me and my ideas. With every design came the question, "Who or what inspires you?" The answer is simple, and maybe a bit obvious. My children inspire me daily, they inspire me to do the things I do and live the way I do. When I sit and think about designing products my children are at the forefront of my mind. Alongside my children, being a mother in general inspires my creativeness. Mothers and the journey of motherhood as a whole is very inspiring, and as a mother of two I always want to create pieces that mothers can identify with. Pieces that mothers would enjoy using or wearing.

When I first got asked to design jewelry for 31 Bits I thought long about what my pieces would even look like. What exactly did I want to portray and how could I emulate my children and being a mother into these jewels. Now, having a daughter I look at jewelry with a whole new light. I remember snooping through my grandmothers jewelry box as a little girl. Slipping on her rings, stacking bracelets onto my tiny wrists. I loved the feeling and weight on me. I told my grandmother, "One day, you will give this all to me." On my wedding day I wore a ring of hers and really it was my favorite thing I wore that day. Jewelry has this ever evolving beauty and lasting remembrance of the past within it. Jewels are heirlooms. Thats what I wanted to create. Pieces that could become heirlooms within families. Passed between mothers, daughters, sisters.

I created a Mother-Daughter set that I just adore. It is a beautiful gold with subtle coral details. It is funky and functional. I love that the coral pops of color are what binds the mother daughter pieces together. They match, but aren't too match-y you know. I honestly can't wait until Mila is old enough to wear her bracelet. I had the complete honor to have my niece model the mother-daughter set with me. Her and my son are just one year a part and I can't help but see Ryan within her (and her brother who is the same exact age as my son Ryan). It is a bittersweet feeling, though I am so grateful to have them to help show me Ryan. You can see my niece and I below ... she did such a great job.

I also created a piece inspired by mothers and our motherhood journey. I think so often we are running around; dropping children off at practice, school pick-up, grocery shopping, Target runs, quick lunch or coffee dates with friends. We are holding down the house, taking care of our family and trying our hardest to take care of ourselves. I wanted to create a piece of jewelry that was easy! Easy enough to toss on and feel great. A little bit of glam to dress up your day. Something that makes you feel put together when you definitely don't feel as such. You can also dress up this necklace too. The layered look gives it endless options.

I had such a wonderful time working with 31 Bits. You can check out my jewelry designs here.