My Toddler Journal Reveal

The first years of your child's life are just magical. You see them experience so many things for the first time. They are things you never want to forget. I am thrilled that today is finally the day I get to share my newest memory book with you all! My toddler journal is extremely close to my heart. All last year I worked on creating a memory book for parents to capture all the moments they experience with their toddlers. I pulled from my own experience of mothering my toddler Ryan and wrote pages and prompts that will hopefully inspire parents to write down memories and make them last a lifetime. I absolutely adored toddlerhood with my son and I am excited to watch my daughter as she journeys down her own path. My memories of both my children are such treasures to me and every parents deserves to have a plethora of mementoes from their child's earliest years.

My Little Years is a toddler journal I've created for all the parents out there who don't want to miss a moment. It's a simple guided journal that will help you save all the big and little moments of your toddlers life. There are spaces to document things like their birthdays, cute and hilarious things they say, foods they like or dislike, travel stories and milestone achievements at each age. Though a journal, I do like to think of it as a mini scrapbook too. It has page inserts so you can add birthday invitations, admission tickets from adventures or photos. There are also pages that are envelops were you can slip extra mementos within and save forever.

What I honestly love most about the toddler journal is the artwork I’ve created for it. Toddlerhood is such a beautiful time mixed with ups and downs. Your little one is learning more and more, becoming their own person. I wanted to emulate that life with the artwork. Thats why you’ll see soft brush strokes placed together with messy splatters, random designs and funky bright colors. It is all such a beautiful mess! Much like life with a toddler.

These early years with our little ones goes by way too fast. They grow up and leave us with incredible experiences that as parents we want to hold on to forever. With the stress life, schedules and simply your child growing up right before you needing new demands ... we tend to forget. We forget the cute things they used to say. We forget that one day we stayed inside away from the rain and played games or baked cookies together. We forget their favorite books or that one trip to the zoo where they made up what a giraffe says. We don't want to forget, in fact we try really hard to hold on to every moment with our children. Though if we don't take a photo or write it down the memories slip. I've learned that writing things down helps and my memory journals can act like tiny time capsules. Ready to be re-lived at a moments notice. A mothers dream is to revel in past moments with her children. It was that passion, that undying need to remember that drove me to create a memory book to continue capturing the incredible toddler years!

I can only hope My Little Years - A Toddler Journal inspires all parents to document their child’s life. I believe motherhood, toddlerhood, both are a journey, a journey worth remembering.

You can learn more here about My Little Years - A Toddler Journal.