Vitamin Sea

If you know my husband you know that he is a man of few words. He is usually pretty quiet and I think that is why we make a good team. As I am beyond loud and could make conversation with just about anyone and anything. I love my husband and his attention to detail with the words he does say. He is matter of fact, always fair and overall the nicest person I have ever met. He'd do just about anything for me and our children ... which includes packing us up for a weekend trip he knew we all needed.

Last weekend we found ourselves in Orange County for our nephew's birthday. Dan immediately announced that we should make it into a weekend and stay in Laguna. I never pass up a trip to the beach. Who doesn't love the beach right? So, after Dan finished with his clients on Saturday morning he packed up the car and we bolted for the sea shore. We visited with family and come Sunday we found ourselves walking all through out Laguna Beach and its tiny gems. We headed out after breakfast on Sunday with no where to go, no where to be, except to be with each other. You know when you realize that moment where you don't have to be anywhere, do anything and it feels almost awkward? It feels so surreal that you can actually just be! We are so trained sometimes in our daily routines and everyone around us needing something from us. It is exhausting, yet we are immune to it most often than not. When I catch myself able to fully relax it feels divine, even more so when near the beach and the salty air. I think my husband felt it too.

Walking on the beach with Mila also made me feel thrilled for Summer this year! I can't wait to see Mila toddle around in the sand. I always say, things get so much better when experiencing it all through your child's eyes. I love re-living things with my kids, it is such a privilege! Our Sunday shaped up to be a pretty lazy day full of crisp salty air as we walked all over. We took Mila to the park on the beach which in itself is pretty magical. The swings just a few yards from the sand is incredible! Mila is a stud on the swings though she can't ever take her eyes off the older kids running around. Once she starts walking, running will come quick and she'll soon rule the playground. I'm sure of it. The three of us walk in and out of art galleries which is my favorite. I loved watching Mila's expressions! Our favorite gallery is the National Geographic Fine Art Gallery, if you are in the area check it out. It has beautiful photos of animals, nature and villages from all over the world. All the photos were breathtaking.

We took a quick stroll on the sand and let Mila get a feel for it. Ryan used to think sand was a delicacy. He would eat it more than play with it I swear. Most of my time was trying to get him to stop eating it. Mila at first didn't want to touch the sand. Then as if a message was sent to her, she stuck her pointer finger into the sand and then licked her finger as if enjoying a Fun Dip candy! Gotta love babies at the beach!

There is something healing about the beach and the air as it whips around you. The salt maybe or the sounds of the crashing waves? Taking deep breaths down by the shore while watching Mila dig her toes into the sand all just made me feel at peace. That dose of 'vitamin sea' made me feel grateful for this life and the blessings within it. Walking back to reality and packing up our things to head home I felt soooo relaxed and inspired to tackle the upcoming week! On our way home we had our usual quiet convo with music in the background. Though during a break in our conversation my husband blurted out "We needed that this weekend. The beach, we needed it." We smiled at each other. He took the words right out of my mouth and rendered me speechless for once!

Can't wait to head back to the beach soon, it is truly so healing.