Simple Chocolate Candy Cups

If you haven't made your own chocolate candy cups then you've been missing out! No, they don't taste better than a Reese's but really nothing does. Making your own chocolate candy cups are however a little healthier for you. Plus, you get to creative and fill them with just about anything. I like to keep it real simple, though feel free to get a little crazy!

If you are making these with your little ones, do steps 1-8 before bringing them into the kitchen. This way the base of the chocolate cups are finished and ready to be filled. Filling the chocolate cups is truly the fun part. Having your children help at this point will be exciting for them. Put filling ingredients in little bowls and use a teaspoon to help them measure out fillings like peanut butter. It will be messy and maybe a few chocolate cups will overflow. No worries! Just cover them with chocolate and they will taste delicious no matter what.

My one trick for you when melting your chocolate is to use a little coconut oil! The coconut oil will give it a smooth and silky texture. In addition to the great texture, the coconut oil offers a hint of coconut flavor which is pretty decadent. If you don't like coconut oil or the flavor you can skip it.

So really this isn't a recipe so much as it is a brilliant idea. I hope you perfect your skill of making chocolate candy cups. Enjoy!