Family Of Four


Our little girl, Mila Marie is finally here! Dan and I are staring at her all day in awe and I'm finding myself bouncing between tears and smiles of pure joy. I have been waiting so long to hold this little one and meet her. I can't believe we now are a family of four. I feel so overwhelmingly grateful. Dan and I sort of "fell off the grid" if you will after Mila was born. I felt like we needed to give ourselves some time to really soak in all the fleeting newborn moments. Those delicious, tender newborn moments that seem to fly by. I feel sad that she is now double digit days old.

I am really not one to share birth stories online. Mostly, because for me I can barely remember anything. I typically have my eyes closed shut with anxiety, excitement and extreme pain. Once the baby is born I am not yet gushing with tears, so much as I am gushing with awe. Meeting Mila was unreal. She came out pretty hot and quick once things got going, or maybe they didn't? I am not sure. However, once she was out she didn't cry. She made these loud chirping sounds, as if she had important messages from Heaven to deliver right when she arrived. Mila has dark reddish hair. It isn't as red as her big brother's. It is her own version of red, though I think they share the same kissable nose. It is incredible that they are related. I've always felt Ryan strong beside us, but to have his little sister here with us . . . I still can't really describe the feelings I have.

I am giving myself a few more days before fully coming out of this gorgeous newborn haze. This newborn haze has me and my girl chained to each other. Nothing else in the world matters except what subtle sound Mila makes next. Or keeping track of her next feeding, she is really good at letting me know when it is time to eat. A few things I don't want to forget;

Mila loves to be wrapped up tight. Out of all her fancy swaddle blankets she loves this old blanket I bought years ago best.

Every time we put Mila down for a nap or bed she immediately rolls to her right side. Then wiggles her right hand up from her swaddle and rests it under her cheek.

She loves to smile. I am not sure if she knows what she is smiling about yet, but the girl loves to smile. And then gets scared each time as I scream for Dan to get the camera!!

Mila, like every newborn smells divine. Smelling her is my favorite. However, so far she hates bath time . . . so who knows how long her yummy scent will last ;)

I want to thank you all for the sweet comments and emails while I have been away! We are doing really well so far. Already telling Mila about her big brother Ryan, even though I believe she knows him already. I look forward to sharing our families adventures with you all in the months to come. Thank you again for all your kind words and support.