Our Tiny Pumpkin Patch + A New Fall Tradition

I always go back and forth on which time of year is my favorite. They all have such great moments or things to be had within each one. Though, after last night and some before bed thinking I’ve come to the decision that Fall is my favorite. After a delicious Spring and hefty Summer, Fall wafts in and carries with it such great anticipation for whats to come that immediately gets me excited. It is Fall that reminds me to slow down, breath deep and savor small moments. Fall tends to lean towards comfy, warm and spicy sweetness. When I think of Fall I think of sparking up and illuminating a yummy scented candle and soft, fluffy spiced muffins. Fall gets me thinking of upcoming family time, turkey and stuffing, ice cold mornings with hot coffee and wrapping gifts for my children … all those thoughts send a delightful thrill down my spine. When I was in my twenties Summer ranked high, as a child Christmas was the obvious choice. Now at 32, I am happily confident that Fall is my most favorite and cherished time of year.

Fall as it may be, here in Los Angeles it seems to still be Summer as today and tomorrow promise to be 102 degrees. But, I’m forcing Fall with decor, costumes and a recent trip to the pumpkin patch! Last weekend we made our annual trek down to our tiny pumpkin patch. We’ve been visiting this pumpkin patch as a family ever since Ryan’s first Halloween, and I’m happy to report it hasn’t changed in over seven years! Even the decor is the same, albeit a bit wonky. I love it so! It is the perfect size for our toddling Mila. She ran through the aisles of pumpkins pretty quickly trying to find the perfect one. I loved seeing her excitement over the ‘punkins’ as she calls them. She really became one with our pumpkin patch. We most likely will make another quick visit this week before it goes away until next year.

After we snag our pumpkin at the pumpkin patch we typically head home. This year though we stopped at a new taco place just up the street! Within a few minutes after ordering we established a new family tradition! First we visit the pumpkin patch and then we head for the best carne asada tacos and caramel churros in town! You guys know I am a sucker for family traditions and it brings me such joy to bust them out year after year. Truthfully, what really gets my heart beating fast is creating new family traditions and I love that this one just sort of happened so naturally.

I’d love to hear your Fall family traditions! Let me know, and keep an eye out for when your family can establish a new one! Happy Fall Friends!

*All these photos were taken on my iphone. We brought our big camera but it was just too much to carry and run after Mila haha!