Sugar Cookies In 2 Helpful Ways + Details On A Sweet Treat Truck In Southern CA

It is that time of year where most are hustling around stores trying their best to achieve holiday cheer. Whether that be preparing for gift giving or get togethers everyone is doing what they can to be festive and fun. This time of year is special, a time for reflection I think and also a time to give back to those around you. Not to say giving back shouldn't be done year around, though the holidays make us most aware of people and the good each of us deserve. Even if all we can give is something small. I commend everyone who finds the time to volunteer or donate money to charities this time of year. Giving back is honestly one of the best things one can do for the soul. But I will say, it can be a bit intimidating when you and your family don’t really have the means to give back like the others can. I hope this little message comes to you and inspires even the tiniest spark of giving back. Find some small way, make it into a family tradition and do good for those who may need it. 

I know one of the best ways I can give back to those around is through food. Baking during this time of year is so nostalgic and floods memories in my mind of when I was a little girl baking with my mom and grandma. Sugar cookies of course were always something in the oven and it wasn’t just so we could leave them out for Santa. We used to bake them and my mom would leave one in my lunch every day during December. I also remember fondly of the few times my son Ryan and I baked sugar cookies together. Truthfully it wasn’t even the baking that I remember, it was the cookie decorating and the beautiful mess we created with frosting, sprinkles and marshmallows. With those memories in mind, I’ve decided to bake sugar cookies and decorate them in festive ways to hand out to my neighbors. Baking something delicious and giving it to friends or even people you may not know personally is a great way to give back and spread that holiday cheer. Again, giving back can be something as small as this and still make a grand impact. 

It is that very notion that created the ‘Holiday Treat Truck’ by the Southern California Honda Dealers. I love this idea of spreading joy through baked goods and holiday themed treats to the community. I absolutely adore working with brands that do good for others and when I heard about the ‘Holiday Treat Truck’ and the SoCal Honda Dealers Random Acts Of Helpfulness campaign, I asked to jump on board! The SoCal Honda Dealers and the Helpful Guys in Blue will be giving away holiday treats to SoCal residents all over in their very own blue truck. How fun is that?! SoCal residents (Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside) can get involved and tweet @HelpfulHonda to offer tips on where they should drive the truck next. The ‘Holiday Treat Truck’ will be handing out popcorn, candy canes, gingerbread cookies and a bunch more. If you live in Southern California be sure to follow the SoCal Honda Dealers on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for hints as to where they’ll be! Check their Facebook page for updates and other fun things they are doing to give back to the community. 

Now, if you don’t live in Southern California I’ve got you covered ;) I’m showing you here how to create the easiest sugar cookie PLUS two ways you can switch up the flavor. You can take your sugar cookie dough and create either a chocolate or cinnamon flavor people will love. I hope you make them with giving them away to others in mind. If you make them let me know who you will be giving them to this season. 

Enjoy Friends! Sending a huge Thank You to the Southern California Honda Dealers for all the great work they are doing this holiday season and for sponsoring this blog post.