Cinepolis Junior - A Movie Theater For Family

To me there really isn't anything much better than a family outing. Some where, some place that Dan and I plus our children can enjoy. Typically with children it seems we have many choices, yet they all seem to band around the same idea of 'play'. Which is brilliant! When establishments that adults enjoy catch wind and add a layer of 'play' for children to enjoy as well it becomes a parents dream. Little ones enjoy play time and quite frankly need it. Play time give them the opportunity to let loose, explore their surroundings and socialize with other little ones. Play time also makes them tired, which is an added bonus right? ;)

When Cinepolis Junior came to me with their new movie theater built just for children I was thrilled! I immediately wanted to learn how it worked, what it would look like etc. I jumped at the chance to host a movie premiere event and invited my social community to come be the first to enjoy the theater. Cinepolis Junior is tucked inside with illuminating Lego doors that give off a magical feel. The entrance makes you feel like you are about to walk into something special and once inside you'll notice that you aren't in a normal theater anymore. The viewing seats are made up of giant bean bags and comfy padded lounge chairs. There is a giant space with play structures geared towards your littlest. While off to the side is what I can best describe as a dreamlike obstacle course complete with tube slides! When you come to Cinepolis Junior be prepared for play time prior to movie time, which I find so smart. Mostly because your children can get their wiggles out before sitting to enjoy a movie.

At the movie premiere event my guests were lucky enough to view the upcoming Smurfs - The Lost Village movie. When it was time to watch the movie everyone nestled in and all became still. Though being a child's theater chatter during a movie happens through out and I'd say encouraged. Children are so curious and sometimes a movie can whisk them away to a far place. Movies do the same for adults too. My favorite was looking around the theater watching the children's faces including Mila's. The awe and wonderment is so sincere and melts my heart.

My event with Cinepolis Junior was pure joy! For me, movie watching is much more than what it actually seems. When I was little my mom created 'Family Friday', where we all ate pizza and watched a movie together. We did this every Friday with out fail and to this day it is a tradition I carry out with my own family. Plus, when we visit my mom and our days happen to land on a Friday ... guess what we do?! Much like food and songs, movies make memories and memories for me are gold. I absolutely love Cinepolis Junior and the chance it gives for families to enjoy a movie theater outing with ease. I know I'll be planning a few Family Fridays at Cinepolis Junior!

Aside from the incredible theater, my guests enjoyed a delish candy buffet and fun Baby Boy Bakery swag! Below are a few photos from my event, plus a few answers to frequently asked questions Cinepolis receives that may be helpful!

To learn more about Cinepolis Junior go here.

The Cinépolis Junior auditoriums opened in the Cinépolis Pico Rivera and Cinépolis Vista theaters Thursday, March 16.

The Junior concept is not for the full theater. It is just one Cinépolis Junior auditorium in each of the Pico Rivera and Vista movie theaters.

Can kids play during the movie? No. Kids will be able to play in the play structure and play area for 20 minutes before the movie begins. Lights will be on 100% at this time. At the 20-minute mark, a Cinépolis cartoon character will pop up on the screen and inform everyone that it is time to take their seats, and the lights will dim slightly. A Cinépolis attendant will also help guide everyone to their seats. The attendant will also stay in-auditorium monitoring the play areas so that kids do not play while the film is screening. Once the film begins, lighting will be reduced to what you’d expect in a movie theater when it comes time to watch a film.

Cinépolis Junior is designed for kids ages 3-12 years old.

Adults watching a movie in the Cinépolis Junior auditoriums must be accompanied by a child 12 and under. Children watching a movie in the Cinépolis Junior auditoriums must be accompanied by an adult

Both Cinépolis Junior auditoriums will only screen child-friendly films (G and PG).