Family Time At The Flower Fields

This past weekend was spent with family amongst the friendliest flowers. How dreamy! My dad lives in San Diego and we drove to spend some quality time with him, my step mom and my little sister. It is always nice to have family weekends because of the fun and laughs we have. But also because Dan and I get a break! Upon arrival, the grandparents rush past the parents and scoop up the grandkids. Right?! Which is fine by me, this weekend was just as much fun as it was relaxing.

Fun Fact! I grew up in Carlsbad, CA and every time I go back I find myself within a thick nostalgic cloud. It is a yummy feeling being back and seeing what still stands and what is new. We took a day to traipse around Carlsbad Village Drive and the beach. We woke up early and waited the worthwhile wait for a seat at Beach Break Cafe. Which by the way, has the best coffee cake in the world! I remember when my siblings and I were younger, begging my mom to take us there. Sometimes we’d just order a few pieces of coffee cake to share. The whole time we were there I kept reminiscing to Dan and I’m sure he was {insert the rolling eyes emoji}. We’ve been back to Carlsbad a few times since being together, so I’ve told him the same stories a 100 times I'm sure. There is just something so beautiful about re-told memories. I feel so thankful for them. Almost as if I know there will come a time when these memories will feel a thousands years away, nearly too far to re-tell anymore. I want to re-live memories for as long as I can recount them!

You know me, always finding ways to make memories, re-live memories. Living in the now is mandatory, though its when you take the time to look through your past is when the magic of life ignites. At least for me, I feel more alive when I recount the ways it took to get me to the place I am right at this moment.

While down in San Diego I knew I wanted to take Mila to the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch. During the Spring they are in full bloom and you can walk within them. The day we went really couldn’t have been better. It was warm sunny with a swish of light wind. The flowers honestly were just brilliant. I’ve seen them a bunch of times, but it is a sight that takes your breath away every time. Especially with Mila in tow, things just seems to take on a more vibrant tone. Watching her take in all the beauty was awesome! Of course, trying to keep her from picking the flowers was a feat. Similar to that of keeping her from eating sand at the beach.

We took so many photos, most of them look similar. Just endless flower blooms. One photo though, I took on my iPhone on a whim as my dad was tossing Mila up in the air. Her laugh was hearty and infectious, I quickly snapped and it wasn’t until later that evening at dinner I really took a look. Shortly after my son Ryan passed away, my dad got a portrait of Ryan tattooed on his arm. In the photo I took you can so clearly see his tattoo, Mila and my dad locked eyes smiling and a bright sunny sky. A little “Hi guys, I’m here!” message from Ryan.

You can’t leave the Flower Fields with out strawberry shortcake or a fresh strawberry shake. We opted for the strawberry shake and it was too good. They basically take vanilla soft serve, a pint of fresh strawberries and blend it up. Topped with whipped cream, we walked out of there with such full hearts and bellies! After the Flower Fields we made the trek to Ocean Beach for hamburgers at Hodad’s. If you haven’t been, go! It is an experience and honestly the onion rings are worth it. Yes, we basically ate the entire weekend and it was pretty great!

In short, if you are local visit the Flower Fields and the aforementioned food establishments. If you are not local, visit family at an equally enchanting and delicious location. And always make memories, re-live memories and just live friends! Sending you all my love this week and always!