On The Hunt For A Golden Egg

My most favorite Easter tradition is hunting for eggs. Ever since I was a little girl I enjoyed hunting for hidden eggs. I loved dumping them out on the lawn and combing through my loot. My mom and grandma were always good about hiding candy in the eggs along with tiny trinkets. The excitement for me was the rush I got from racing my siblings to grab the most eggs. But then, popping them all open to see what was inside ... that was so FUN! Of course, hidden within the group of brightly colored eggs were shining gold eggs. The Golden Eggs, those shimmering jewels were the most sought after. Within those were quarters and single dollar bills to be stuffed into our piggy banks. Now, I'm aware of the real reason we celebrate Easter. Trust me, our God's blessings are not lost on me. He Has Risen! Though as a child, its the baskets and eggs holding copious amount of sugar and cash that stood out. It was the laughter and wind I felt running in my Grandma Cookie's backyard with my brother and sister. Or that one time my sister and I dared our little brother to stuff all his gum into his mouth. Haha! Still makes me laugh. Although, now that I think about. That wasn't even on Easter, it was during a family trip to San Francisco.

Anyways, I always say the best part of becoming a mom is experiencing things through your child's eyes. It wasn't until I had Ryan did I realize this and holidays became that much more incredible. Continuing family traditions from when I was little with my children is such a joy. I am so excited for tomorrow because we are hiding a 100+ eggs (including a few golden ones) and the entire family will be on the hunt. I can't wait to help Mila find her eggs and watch her pop them open to find her treats! Hope you all have a great holiday!

Happy Easter Egg Hunting!

Photos by Amanda Naor Photography