A Quick Lesson From My Mom

In honor of Mother's Day the very cool and stylish website MyDomaine asked me (+ a handful of other mamas) "What is the one thing your mother taught you that you are teaching your kids?" Upon reading that question I knew right away my answer, as I had figured it out about 6 1/2 years ago when I first became a mom. It is funny how when you become a mom yourself all the things your own mother did suddenly make sense. Frustratingly enough, Moms are truly always right.

My sister Jessica can attest to this as we rolled our eyes so often in response to our mom and her weird quips. Even down to when she refused to take multiple trips from the car to the house after a grocery trip. "Here just carry this, so we don't have to come back to the car!" We have photos of my little sister carrying a sack of potatoes from the car into the house, my tiny brother with his arms wrapped around a giant bouquet of flowers toddling his way up the driveway. Myself, not photoed because I'm probably crying at the mere thought of helping out. #dramaqueen

Anyways, the point being is, my mom knew what was up. She still does, thank God someone still has the answers! And truth be told I pack myself like a damn mule every time I come home from the grocery store! (and so does my sister) Below is what I wrote in response to the question "What is the one thing your mother taught you that you are teaching your kids?" and I please share your own answer! I'd love to know.

Love you Mom!

"The one thing my mom always told us growing up was 'Everything happens for a reason.' At the time, my sister and I thought it to be the most annoying response my mom ever served us. Every time when we were going through something we thought was terrible, my mom always said those words so very calmly and with a small smile. Truth be told, she was correct. Now a mother of two, I understand wholeheartedly the meaning and believe it 100%. Even after losing my 3-year-old son, I've come to realize things in life just happen. Everything truly does happen for a reason, whether we know the reason up front or not. There isn't much we have control over in life. However, we do have control over how we react to life and what it gives us. We must understand that things happen for reasons beyond us. We must know how to make light and find the good in all situations. … That is what my mother was teaching us all those years. And now I will tell my children the same."