Jewelry That Emulates Motherhood - My Collection With Starling

It has been a dream of mine to design and create things for mothers where in, they feel good about themselves. As well as create things that encourage parents to make and capture memories with their children. The driving force behind my inspiration are my children and my experience as a mother. Though every mother is quite different, I have found we are more alike than not. Our children are different, our journeys definitely vary however, the emotions run the same path and our motherly hearts bleed the same unconditional love for our children. No matter your motherhood we as moms can agree on that feeling of living with our hearts outside our body. We can find solace with each other while depicting the mass fear that overrules us when our child even hints at being in danger OR the immense joy that floods through us when we see our child happy and laugh. What a roller coaster of pure, uninhabited emotion. There is no other way to live it than with our hands up! Enjoying every turn and twist. Of course, what we do need are other mom friends who understand and support us when feeling so crazed. It is that support I want to be for all moms. If nothing else, I want to let all the moms know I am here for you! This mom job isn't easy in the least, but it is a damn good one I wouldn't trade for anything.

So, while my children and my own motherhood experience fuels my inspiration when designing and creating ... It is my want to support other mothers that ends up being the true reason as to why I do what I do.

Last year Starling approached me about designing a piece of jewelry and I jumped at the chance! I knew right away I wanted to create something to honor motherhood and the incredible journey it is. I wanted to showcase words that I though emulated motherhood, though I knew what I may thought about being a mom may look different to another. I decided on a word that I found special and extremely meaningful to me, then left the other two words up to my friends on social media! I asked my Instagram friends "If you could give motherhood one word, what would it be?" I received thousands of comments in just hours. I sat with the Starling team and sifted through each and every comment, to which we narrowed it down to; brave and complete. The word I chose that says my motherhood in one words is, forever.

Now, those may or may not resonate with you at first glance. Trust me though, those three words have heavy impact. I love that a mom could simply wear the 'brave' necklace, not feeling brave all the time herself, though her necklace could be a reminder. To be a mother is to be brave. We sacrifice our entire being for our children and strive to be the best for them. The strongest creatures are that of mothers and my dear, you can not be strong with out being brave. Day in and day out we may feel defeated. Though it is our bravery that fuels us and helps us master motherhood!

In choosing the word 'complete' for my collection it seemed necessary. It wasn't a word I associated with at first, but truly after diving into the meaning I feel it has resonating with me 100%. Our children are the most important to us and with them we are complete. We've always been incredible, but since becoming a mother we take on a new sense of self. We are re-created into a more strong, resilient, beautiful woman. Our children fill in our flaws and make us a better version of ourselves. Together we need not anything but each other. Our children makes us complete.

The word I first chose and wear so proudly is 'forever'. This word is dedicated to all the mothers out there who have loved and lost their child. Though, to be honest we end up saying good bye to our children in many ways as they grow and leave the nest. Even as a thirty two year old woman and mother myself, I still need my own mother at times. Simply put, once a mother, forever a mother. When I lost my three year old son I went through a few stages of not feeling like a mother. I had my daily motherhood duties ripped away from and coming back from that was hard. I questioned my motherhood many times. How can I still be a mom when my child is no longer here? I've come to the conclusion that my motherly duties for Ryan just look different than what they once were. Now instead of getting up and making him lunch, getting him dressed and to school on time (we were never on time) but instead of all that, I just get up and get ready for the day. That takes a lot after losing your kid, I promise. I honor my son is ways that help others and live a loud and wild life in his memory. That is what my motherhood has become and I am damn proud of that. Now with Mila in tow I've resumed those physical motherhood duties which I am so grateful for. But, I'm forever Ryan's mother as well.

My hope is that mothers love these necklaces as much as I do. I hope you find a word that resonates with you and your motherhood journey. You can take a closer look at the necklaces below and I left the shop link below as well!

I love all you mamas out there!

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