Purees & Pop - Making Homemade Baby Food Fun & Sparkling

Last year I had this wild idea sort of land in my head the way you see a random leaf fall from a tree and land softly on the ground. This idea landed in my mind and sort of marinated if you will and within a few days of tossing it back and forth I had to call someone and bounce this said idea at them. I remember calling my friend Priscilla and telling her my idea to make homemade baby food fun for both the baby and parent. Priscilla thought it was a great idea and thats all I needed to jump head first into a whole new realm of sharing information. Sometimes that is all you need. Someone else to say “Yes, that sounds incredible! You aren’t crazy, you are creative!” and then you are off and running into a direction you were scared at first to run in … but as you run quick into this new direction it is that support from others that acts as the wind propelling you forward.

When I started this blog Baby Boy Bakery I wanted to A. Make Friends and B. Share The Recipes I Was Making. It just so happened that when I started my blog, my son Ryan was just embarking on his solid food chapter of eating. I knew from the get go I wanted to make all his baby food at home in my kitchen. Just because I wanted to control every morsel that went into his body and well ya I was a first time paranoid parent. (Cut to Mila eating a stale sweet potato fry she found in her car seat recently, come the second kid things just don’t seem that bad.) Anyways, I started sharing my homemade baby food recipes on my blog and parents seemed interested and even tried a few on their own. Last year when Mila began her solid food journey my readers asked daily what Mila was eating so I posted a few baby food recipes and tips. You can search my blog for baby food and scroll through a whole slew of baby food recipe ideas.

I love writing recipes and ideas for parents and sharing them on my blog or social media. Though what I was really craving was that in-person connection and felt like I not only wanted to teach a class but I could in fact teach a real class. Reading blogs is great, but getting to meet people and learn new things is magic and I just love love love my online community so much! I knew I had to think of a fun and inviting way to host a class. Since the majority of my questions revolved around what I fed my kids I decided to put together a class and add a few fun layers to it! Enter … Purees & Pop!

Purees & Pop is my homemade baby food making class where I teach parents simple purees and blends that their baby can eat, but also can be tossed into a cocktail or sparking water for a delicious adult drink! Parents learn the ins and outs on how to create baby food at home, as well as how to use certain homemade purees that pair well with spirits. Purees are not just for the baby you guys!! During the class I also go over how to store your baby food, what blends offer a well-balance meal for your baby and which fruit combinations make a yummy vanilla bourbon cocktail. You know, because parents deserve a little fun during meal time too.

Ok, so don’t I do this all alone. My friend Priscilla who gave me the courage to start this class in the first place helps me organize the best class possible with the best brands and sponsorships possible! You can check out our #PureesandPop on Instagram to see all the fun we had last year. We had moms and dads attend, take notes and mingle with each other while they learned and sipped cocktails (and mocktails). It was so much fun that we are hosting a second Purees & Pop on July 27th! This second class will be just like the first but with a few tweaks for the better. I have all new recipes and I’ve partnered with Yumi to have an on-site nutritionist to answer real deal questions from parents about the food they are feeding their babes. Our swag bags this time around are filled to the brim with goodies that include the Baby Brezza blender and Munchkin food containers you see here in the photos, Babyganics cleaners, EZPZ mats and much more! To say I am excited would be a huge understatement.

I’m busy getting everything ready for our second Purees & Pop and I couldn’t be more thrilled! It will be a fantastic time. If you are interested in joining the fun check out our event page HERE and RSVP!

If nothing else, I hope this little story inspires you to do the thing you are most thinking about. Bounce your idea off a friend and let their support guide you. It could turn into something spectacular! ;)

Photos By Nicki Sebastian & Max Wanger