Mila Turns 2 At Her Trolls Party

Well, I will be honest with you. When my daughter showed interest in the Trolls movie we all got pretty excited. Simply because the movie is just too darn cute and the message really hits home as choosing to be ‘happy’ is something Dan and I strive for on a daily basis. With that said, if you haven’t seen the movie you must! At the risk of getting to deep over a kids movie, every scene carries with it some emotional weight that really promotes the idea that happiness is found within. Which I couldn't agree with more. 

Quickly Mila became Poppy obsessed and the Trolls made their way into into the music we listened to in the car, Mila’s book collection, toy collection and so on. Like most obsessions, it snowballed until the entire household knew all the words to all the songs and honestly we were all pretty happy with it all. When starting to plan Mila’s 2nd birthday it was a no brainer her party would be Trolls themed. It also dawned on me that while having a Trolls party would be great, having a Trolls costume party would be greater! And like most kid birthday parties, things snowballed until I found myself covered in glitter hanging tiny Trolls in a tree and making sure there were enough twinkling lights for the tables. 

Birthdays in our family are celebrated at large and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Except Mila’s birthday falls during an already jam packed week (Christmas), so by the end of it all I’m left breathless and so tired my eye balls hurt. But we do it all and we do it all to the best of our ability because our child’s smiles are worth it. Right? Though, Dan did say “Next year lets go on a trip and celebrate small” to which I said “Sure!” … but between you and I, come next December I doubt thats what we’ll do. I can’t help myself and as Mila gets older she’ll have more say and remember more and more. I have this obsession with wanting to make her party dreams come true. Which I know I won't be able to once she is older. At some point she’ll want a fancy dinner party with friends and her parents far, far away. So, if Mila asks for Poppy and pink donuts I’m going to deliver big time! 

Setting the party aside, I truly can’t believe Mila is two! I honestly don’t know how fast time goes by with out me really knowing it. It is wild to look back just a few months back and see so much growth. I know I say it all the time but the best way to describe the feeling I get when reflecting on my kids growing up is, bittersweet. Bitter because it brings on a bit of tears to look back at the sweet baby days. Sweet because it is such a privilege to have a hand in helping this tiny person grow up into the incredible human being she is destined to be. Time goes by fast, but we sure are making the most of it all. 

Here are a few photos from our night celebrating Mila turning two! 

You can see her 1st birthday party here

All photos by Lily Ro Photography

Special Thanks To - Jesi Haack Design for creating the cute backdrop, DIY Troll hair headbands and for being all around incredible + beyond helpful. Guelaguetza for having us two years in a row, we adore the food at this restaurant in Los Angeles and the space is the best!