Celebrating July With Family & This Simple Treat


Happy July Friends!! Summer is well under way and we are beyond happy about it. Last week we headed up to celebrate the start of July with my family. My mom and step-dad host an annual Fourth of July block party and it is truly a BLAST! Every year we switch up the desserts. Last year my sister made funnel cakes. This year, I made cotton candy and it was so much fun. I learned how to work the machine on the spot and each one I whipped up was better than the last. The kids loved it and I loved swirling the cotton candy around the paper cones. By the end I was covered in cotton candy and even my hair was sticky. It was honestly so fun, I think we will do it again next year and add it as a permanent block party dessert!

Since the Fourth Of July is during the week everyone has to work here. That is why we always celebrate big the weekend before. Though, I'm making these easy chocolate and caramel dipped pretzels to enjoy while watching fireworks this year! I'll also be sending them to work with my mom so everyone can have a festive treat while working the holiday. This simple treat combines sweet and salty flavors, which is always a home run. I also like using white chocolate and adding extra decor with colored melting chocolates. I'm giving the how-to down below. Plus my go-to secret when melting chocolate...

This recipe is really fun to involve little ones with. I'd try setting up the pretzels on parchment paper and dipped them in caramel and chocolate first. After you melt the colored chocolate candies, add them into piping bags and put sprinkle options in tiny bowls. Then, bring your little ones into the kitchen. Have them drizzle the chocolate and caramel dipped pretzel rods. Giving them sprinkle options is a fun touch. Giving them the freedom to decorate with melted chocolate and sprinkles is an easy way to make them feel like they "made" the dipped pretzels. Try laying down a mat or towels on the floor for easy sprinkle clean up ;) Have your camera ready and snap photos of them getting creative!

I hope you all have had a great start to your Summer. I'd love to know what you are up to this Summer, if you want to share in the comments below! Happy Fourth of July!

Photos by Lily Ro Photography

Stars and Stripes Pajamas by Hanna Andersson