Frozen Pineapple Creams + Summer Fun In The Kitchen


When you think of iconic Summer flavors, what comes to mind first? For me a flood of flavors rush into my mind like, s'mores or coconut! I always think s'mores because my family and I take an annual Summer camping trip. Though coconut and fruity type flavors always make me think, sunshine and Summer. Recently we partnered with Dole and their 100% Pineapple Juice to create a simple Summer recipe. I immediately thought of those tasty Dole Whips from Disneyland. Have you had one? They are these tiny frozen pineapple concoctions that have a very distinct texture and flavor. There are millions of recipes online trying to replicate the famous Disney Dole Whip at home. For the most part, the flavors consist of pineapple and coconut. Since it is a frozen treat I started with frozen pineapple and used the pineapple juice to help whip it up in the blender. I added pure coconut milk for that yummy coconut flavor, and to add some sweetness. Once it is all blended up smooth it tastes so yummy!

That is it! Just three ingredients into the blender and you have a pretty tasty Summer beverage! I made these with Mila and it was such a fun afternoon activity (+ treat). After Mila woke up from her nap I brought her into the kitchen. Mila helped me add the pineapple, pineapple juice and coconut milk into the blender. She LOVES the sound of the blender and pushing the button to start and stop it. Afterwards we poured them into cups and took them outside to enjoy. It may seem like such a simple idea/activity to do, but it was really fun! I love doing little things like this with Mila to get her accustomed to the kitchen and the foods we use to make things.

Using the kitchen as a backdrop for learning can be such a great thing to do year round. Though bringing your kids into the kitchen during the Summer, to make blended treats or homemade popsicles, can be such a great experience for the BOTH of you! Try asking them questions and having them taste ingredients as you make things. Having them make the distinction between flavors like salty, sour, sweet, savory is important and really fun for them to do. Start small and then get creative as you both get more comfortable in the kitchen together! Here a some fun recipes to get your kids involved in the kitchen with you this Summer; Watermelon Lime Ice Pops, Homemade Churros and Pumpkin Muffins.

To make these frosty Pineapple Creams (as we named them) blend; two cans of pineapple juice, 3 cups of frozen pineapple chunks and 1/2 cup coconut milk. Blend until thick and smooth. Enjoy right away! Or pour into popsicle molds and freeze overnight.

Hope you all are enjoying your Summer so far!

Photos by Lily Ro Photography