What Mila Is Currently Reading + A Peek Inside Her Reading Nook!


Mila has always loved reading, even when she was just baby. The moment she was able to sit up and pull at her books she would sit there and babble away while she looked through her collection. You can click HERE for the reading routine we put in place when Mila was a baby. Getting Mila hooked on books I feel started really young and it is something we foster daily. We read pretty much through out the day and of course before bed. It is the activity that Mila is drawn to the most (coloring and dress up are a close second and third). As she has gotten older I wanted to really create a space for her to relax and get comfy with her books.

Ever since we moved I knew since Mila loves books that she needed a more open bookcase/shelf that really showed off her collection. Also, something that was easy for her to use and grab the books. I found these white shelves at Ikea and had them installed in long rows to hold the books. We also installed them low enough for Mila to pull books from. The shelves hold quite a lot and we bolted them into the wall pretty well so they could hold the weight of books. We put her hard covers on the shelves and her paper backs we store in a large basket on the floor.

To make the space a bit more comfy we keep a large golden pouf in the corner for her to sit on. I also layered a small rug I got on sale at Target on top of her larger rug. Most of the time we find Mila sitting on the floor reading or leaning up against the pouf. Sometimes I can see a little glimpse into the future. Mila is growing up so fast it is so bittersweet! It is wonderful to see her growing into her own, but I miss my baby so much!

Take a peek into her reading nook and below I’ve left links to her current favorite reads!

These are Mila’s current favorites. You can shop them below!

These are Mila’s current favorites. You can shop them below!


Photos by Lily Ro Photography

Mila’s Outfit by Chaboukie

Bookshelves by Ikea

Rug by Crate & Kids