Halloween Time At Disneyland - Take A peek At How The Park Has transformed For Halloween!


By now you all know that my favorite time of year is Halloween! I love LOVE the transition from Summer into Fall and all things pumpkin that comes with it. As the season presses on and Christmas nears, I love that too. Though for me, Halloween is so much more fun! Dressing up, spooky fun decorations, and haunted houses are my jam. Thankfully, Mila enjoys this time of year just as much as me and we have been living it up these past few weeks. Of course of favorite place, Disneyland, is celebrating Halloween Time and it is the best! With our baby due at the end of November I’ve been concentrating on Mila mostly and trying to spend as much time with her just us two as I can. That includes a ton of Disney trips. Even though my body hurts and feels so sore after a day at Disney, I feel so emotional about these last few trips just Mila and I. I honestly feel so emotional about the major change and adjustments we all will have to make when the baby arrives.

Until then, I’m sharing here some of our favorite Disneyland Halloween Time things! I think I have about two Disney trips left in me, so if you see us in our pumpkin hats say HI!

I bought Mila and I matching Mickey pumpkin hats this year and had them embroidered with our names on them. Well I had Ryan’s name put on mine :) I love these festive hats and they light up at night which is my fav!

You can find these pretty much at any shop inside Disneyland and in Downtown Disney. However, I was told that they can only embroider them at the Disney Showcase store on Main Street. Not sure if that is true or not, but I went to two places before they told me to go to Disney Showcase.


Also at Disney Showcase (and at any Disney shop that sells pins) we found Halloween themed pins! If you didn’t know, Mila and I collect Disney pins and we started when Mila was about one year old. I started it obviously, but now it is something we do together! Looking at pins is one of our favorite things to do, especially if the parks are busy.


One of the best things about Halloween Time at Disneyland is that all the characters are dressed in Halloween costumes! It is the cutest thing. My favorite is Goofy in his skeleton outfit! You can also see below, Minnie is a witch and Chip is a skeleton bat. They each have a different costume and on this day particular we just hung out at the entrance to Main Street to visit with them. Character greetings has always been a favorite of Mila’s and stopping to say to them is so much fun. I love watching Mila interact with them.


I have to say, the absolute BEST part of Halloween Time at Disneyland is when they transform the Haunted Mansion into Haunted Mansion Holiday! This transformation is inspired by the holiday classic Nightmare Before Christmas movie and it features the coolest decorations where Halloween and Christmas collide! It is honestly the most fun and we try and ride it as much as we can since it only comes once a year.

If you ride it, keep your eye out for the massive gingerbread house! It is actually a REAL gingerbread house that gets baked and decorated each year. Also, every year it changes and this years is pretty neat!


Water + Dance Break! Ever since we stopped using the stroller with Mila back in March she has learned to hold my hand at all times. We like to take breaks where there is a bit of space and I let her run free for a bit. We have figured out how to visit Disney sans stroller and have it down to a science now. Though soon we will be living the stroller life again with the baby :)


Another Halloween Time favorite at Disneyland is their Halloween Tree in Frontier Land. It is a tree decorated with pumpkins and orange lights. It looks pretty during the day, but really shines at night! Definitely check that out if you haven’t seen it before. I love walking by it at night! It is really beautiful.


Of course, it would be a true celebration with out special food offerings! Disney does this the best and I love their Food Guides to show guests where to find special Halloween Time treats! There are honestly SO MANY that I couldn’t share them all. Definitely grab a food guide and find foods that stick out to you! At Disneyland our favorites are the Bride and Groom churros, Mummy Mickey Macaron, and the Chicken Grilled Cheese with Tortilla Soup! At Disney California Adventure try the S’mores churro and the Minnie Milkshake from Shmoozies! Also, take home a speciality caramel apple because they are just too cool!


You all know I’ll never say no to Disney Churros! The Bride and Groom churros were pretty great. The Groom churro was a dark chocolate one and the Bride was vanilla covered in powdered sugar. My fav was the Bride churro and Mila liked the Groom churro. Mostly because Mila’s favorite thing in the world is chocolate! You can find these at the churro cart in front of Haunted Mansion and the churro cart in Critter Country.


Another favorite Disney treat of mine is their caramel apples. I couldn’t pass up this one decorated to look like the poison apple from Snow White! They have a few different Halloween Time themed caramel apples but this one here is just the best!


We have exactly two weeks left before Halloween Time leaves us until next year! Who is headed to the parks to enjoy the spooky season before it vanishes!? See you there!