Simple Personalized Gift Wrapping


It has been a whole three weeks since I’ve posted anything. After Thanksgiving our family came down with a nasty cold that put us out of sorts for weeks. It first hit Dan and then poor Mila. I was the last to be taken over by snots and coughs. To be honest, it wasn’t too bad. It didn’t feel good to be sick. Though it felt really nice to turn off everything and everyone as we tried to help ourselves get well. The three of us stayed home, ordered in food and slept a lot! We must have played with every toy Mila has. Our laundry pile is record breaking high. But the sick cloud has lifted now and we are all coming out refreshed. Ready to tackle the rest of this holiday month


For some reason this year has been the year I actually followed through with Christmas shopping early! I’m that annoying person who is completely finished with all my Christmas gifts, and last night Dan and I finished wrapping them. It is December 5th and the gifts are done! I think last year was a little insane and I swore that this year I had to get stuff done earlier. With Mila’s birthday just a few days after Christmas Day it makes things a little hectic. I’m planning her birthday party and Christmas at the same time. Which I do love, it just is a lot to keep track of. So now, with Christmas out of the way, I can focus on her birthday party. (It is a pool party, Mermaid theme this year so it should be fun!) With Christmas shopping finished I can now also focus on baking and just soaking up all the time with family. 

This year for Mila’s cousins I thought it would be fun to wrap their gifts in craft paper and then have Mila personalize each one with markers. Mila loves all her cousins so much and she had such a fun time coloring each gift for each specific person. It ended up being such a great activity! It took us a few days to finish up and each day we’d spend about an hour coloring and talking about her cousins. It was sweet. I thought I’d share our little holiday project here in case you wanted to do the same. This would work so well with grandparent gifts too! 

I purchased the craft paper at Target as well as the washable markers. I made sure to wrap each gift in study boxes so when Mila colored on them the paper would not break or rip. After Mila finished I tied each gift with simple ribbon. 


You’ll also see in the photos here we are lounging on our new Nugget Comfort! We love this company and their product. In fact, we have some special things coming out together next year. We just got this one in the mail and keep it in our living room. We read, color and watch movies on it. You can check them out here

Thank you all for being patient with us while we took a sort of un-planned break here. We have some great upcoming things that I can’t wait to share with you all! With that said, I really hope you all take some serious time to just love on your family during this wonderful holiday season. 

Photos By Lily Ro Photography