Easy February Fun With Toddlers


I can’t help but love this month of February so much. It holds my birthday, my husband’s birthday and the ever so indulgent Valentine’s Day. February is also a shorter month, since we jam it full of celebrations it goes by fast which I love. I love anything that gets us closer to Spring and Summer!

With so much happening this month I wanted to dedicate some time to slow down and play with Mila. Since my husband Dan and I will be celebrating our birthdays this month we are letting our parents watch Mila so we can get a little time alone just us. I miss her so much while we are away! When we get back home I like to do fun things that we typically don’t do during the week. This way I can spend as much time with her and enjoy things we don’t do on a regular basis.

I thought it would be fun to make beaded necklaces with Mila. We made a few for ourselves and then decided to make some for our family members. We are sending a few necklaces to family who live far from us along with a little Valentine note from Mila. We had such fun putting these together! We had a ton of beads and string left over that we plan to make more jewelry soon. Maybe some bracelets next? I purchased all the beads and string from the craft store Michaels. They had such a wide selection of beads and string. We opted for the gold glitter string, flower beads, pink and teal colored beads and these cute heart shaped beads. I also purchased the letter beads because it was so excited to spell out names. We are in the process of teaching Mila how to spell her name so this was a fun exercise that supported her learning how to spell.

This is also such a great activity to have on hand when it rains or if your child is sick and has to stay inside to rest. I’d suggest grabbing a few beads and string to just have on hand. Remember, boys can do this too! The bead options are endless. Choose bead shapes and colors the will love. They can make some for themselves, friends or family!


Since this month is a bit busy I opted to buy pre-made sugar cookie dough. This way we always have some on hand to roll out and bake a few when we have a cookie craving. It is also fun to bake 2-3 cookies on our birthdays to enjoy for a quick dessert this month. I bought this cute Valentine themed cookie cutter from Michaels and we’ve been using it to stamp out the cutest cookies. Having pre-made cookie dough on hand is simple and comes in handy if you need a quick activity with a yummy treat at the end. Grab some quick frosting too if you want to have your little ones decorate their single cookie. That is the best part, you only have to bake little bits at time rather than a whole batch.

This past time we made just two cookies after Mila woke up from her nap and finished her lunch. We don’t bake cookies everyday or even once a week! (Ok, maybe once a week sometimes ;) It is just a little treat activity we do to get Mila excited to be in the kitchen. She loves playing with the flour and rolling our her dough.


We hope you have the best February! Happy Valentine’s Day!

You Rock!