Spicy Peanut Rice Noodles


Our little family has been so busy lately and as a result I’ve been a little quiet here and over on social media. Our schedules have switched up a bit and we recently adopted a new puppy! I’ve taken a break from here to focus on my family. Now, I feel refreshed and ready to get back to work! While away I realized that one thing that grounds me through out the week is cooking dinner. It is something I look forward every night and I love planning for it at the start of each week. I created these really neat meal planners to help others organize their food shopping and meal planning. They are exclusive to my newsletter subscribers so if you are interested and haven’t received them yet, please sign up for my newsletter and we’ll send them to you asap! (You can sign up for my newsletter on the main page of my website ;)

I’m always on the hunt for quick and easy dinner ideas and thought I’d share our family’s recent favorite, Spicy Peanut Rice Noodles! Dan and I both came up with this recipe two years ago when we both went on the Whole 30 diet. When on the Whole 30 you can’t have soy sauce which is a huge bummer, so we had to find an alternative. We found out about Coconut Aminos and fell in love! Coconut Aminos is made from fermented coconut sap mixed with sea salt. Who knew?! The result is this rich, sweet and salty sauce that is very similar to soy sauce, but considered better for your. Ever since, Dan and I started using Coconut Aminos to flavor our meats and add to sauces in exchange for soy sauce. I made this peanut sauce and just recently started making it again but adding a bit more spice. Of course Mila just eats the rice noodles plain with the shredded broccoli. Dan and I pile on the spicy peanut sauce!

This dish definitely packs a punch! It is full of fresh ginger, chili sauce, and garlic. The sweet peanut butter smoothes out all the spice. The Coconut Aminos brings everything together in a velvety sauce. I love adding a last minute squeeze of lemon to cut through the spice and add a fresh zest. This dish comes together pretty quick and once you get the hang of the flavors you can sort of play around with the recipe to fit your tastebuds! *Also a great idea, add unsalted peanuts on top for a yummy crunch!

Here is what you’ll need.

1 Package Of Rice Noodles (Our favorite are the ones from Lotus Foods)

Splash Of Olive Oil (To use once the noodles are cooked so they don’t stick together)

3 Green Onions Chopped

1 Bag Of Raw Broccoli Slaw or Shredded Broccoli (You can find this in the produce section)

1 Cup Of Coconut Aminos (That is one 8oz bottle. This I buy on Amazon)

1/4 Of Smooth Peanut Butter

1/2 Tablespoon Of Sesame Seed Oil

1/2 Inch Of Grated Fresh Ginger Which Should Equal To About 1/2 Tablespoon (You can use less here if you don’t like that much ginger)

1/2 Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper

1/2 Teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes

1/2 Tablespoon Ground Garlic

1/2 Teaspoon Ground Turmeric (This is optional. I just love the way it tasted in here, it is a little more subtle thank ginger and I love the color)

1 Tablespoon Chili Sauce (Our favorite is Siracha. You can also use less or omit if you don’t want it too spicy)

Squeeze Of Half A Lemon


Here is what you do.

-Start with a mixing bowl and add in your peanut butter, spices, and sesame seed oil. Mix throughly as you add in each ingredient.

-When working with fresh ginger, use the back of a spoon to peel the skin off the section that you want. In this case just peel off the skin for about an inch or 1/2 inch piece. Once the skin is off, use a microplane or fine side of a cheese grater to grate the ginger directly into your sauce. Try to only peel off the skin of what you will be using and the rest will keep in a cool, dry space. Of course, you can use ground ginger here if you don’t have fresh. You can also add less ginger or more if you’d like. Totally up to you and how much ginger you like.


-Next, whisk in your Coconut Aminos. Then add the sauce into a sauce pan on medium low heat. You’ll want to warm the sauce through, but keep it low to not burn it.

-While your sauce warms, start boiling water to cook your rice noodles. TIP - Once your rice noodles are cooked and drained, toss them with a splash of olive oil to keep them from sticking.

-Once your sauce is warmed through and your noodles are cooking, chop your green onions.

-Once your noodles are cooked (and oiled) toss in your broccoli slaw. Serve your noodles and broccoli onto a plate.

-Pour your spicy peanut sauce onto your rice noodles and broccoli. Top with green onions and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Enjoy!