How Running 13.1 Miles Truly Feels

Well, as I sit here trying to think of words to re-cap last weekend my brain gets a bit lost. Last weekend, if you missed my posts on Instagram, I ran a 1/2 marathon and I lived to tell the tale! To be transparent I’ve been training for this beast for just a few short months and I never really felt nervous about the run until I hit mile 7. I was in good spirits and felt positive. Plus, I ran the Run Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon! It was my first trip to Walt Disney World! I was just beside myself the entire time, crying at every turn when I saw something new. I could feel my body tense up with excitement walking down the Magic Kingdoms Main Street and seeing the Animal Kingdoms Tree of Life. It all was so overwhelmingly awesome. I’d have to say the only thing that was awful was not having my children with me to experience it. However, we are already planning a trip back with Mila in tow. I can not wait!!

Running never used to be my thing, as much as I wanted it to be. I had always tried to get to that point of “needing” to go for a run. I thrive more so on group exercise classes like spin or dance and I love weight training with my husband (who is a personal trainer). I’ve run 5k’s before but never any more miles than that. Though when the option of running a 1/2 marathon presented itself I jumped at the chance, mostly to see if I could really do it. Turns out I can, not to entirely well, but I finished the race! Ever since arriving back home I’ve been hell bent on running another and decreasing my race time. So, the addiction has started so to speak and though I can’t wrap my head around it much … I guess you could say I am a runner. But if you told that to me just even 6 months ago I would have laughed and said “No Way!”

The truth is running is mostly mental, as in all in your head. Yes conditioning, endurance etc. all matter. But it really comes down to how strong you are in your head. Those positive thoughts really do work. It is hard for me to think of anything more inspiring than my own children when I run. I like to think of them right beside me, I imagine the wind blowing through Ryan’s red curls and Mila’s crinkle nose smile. I know it might sound weird, but that is what does it for me. I know people must think of the most random of things while running. My friend Jenna told me during the race when I was starting to fade, “Dedicate each mile to someone or something.” That was especially inspiring because then I started to run for things like my marriage, my own personal motherhood, my family as a whole, those thoughts kept me moving forward. Running for things that mean the world to me and drawing strength from them helped immensely. It also made me cry through out the race. Which, I think I might have been the only one bawling during the race? Who knows.

The one thing that was the most difficult was trying hard to think/push past the pain. Come mile 7 (mile 7 was hell) my knees started to ache and the pain only got worse as the race went on. I had to stop and walk a few times which embarrassed me at first, but I came to piece with it. I think at some point you really have to listen to your body, though running is mental there is pain that can’t be ignored. My knees were pretty much shot after the race. I had to ice for three days after race day and they still feel a bit sore. I learned about IT Bands and how running too many miles can cause them pain haha! My husband says I need to do more squats and other exercises to strengthen my knees. So, I’ll be working on that and training more efficiently moving forward. I also know so many of you mentioned to get fitted for running shoes, which I’m kicking myself for never doing. You live and you learn. Or you run 13.1 miles and learn.

I will say the best part of the whole trip was crossing that finish line and holy crap did I cry! I wasn’t even looking at Dan, I had my eyes fixed on the lady who was putting the medals onto people. I immediately had a flood of emotions and the second she put that medal around my neck I gave her a giant hug and cried on her shoulder. Then I found Dan and kept crying. People were asking me if I needed water, a banana, Dan was trying to take my photo. I was a hot mess, numb with excitement and pride.

To recap - The weekend at Walt Disney World was insanely awesome. The 1/2 marathon was incredibly hard, but also the most rewarding thing. I’ll definitely be doing it again and I’m excited to continue to train for a better race time. I couldn’t have gotten through it with out my children and husband. For they are ones who have built me into the person I am and give me the strength daily to achieve my goals. Thank you SO much for following along on Instagram and for all your well wishes before and after the race! You guys are the best and I look forward to sharing with you my next race!

Here I am crossing the finish line. I honestly can't tell you why I was so emotional. Maybe because I actually finished? Maybe because of how badly my knees hurt? Maybe it was the thought of my children and missing them so badly, wishing I could have seen them both there at the finish line? Maybe I'm just an emotional mess? ;)

Here I am crossing the finish line. I honestly can't tell you why I was so emotional. Maybe because I actually finished? Maybe because of how badly my knees hurt? Maybe it was the thought of my children and missing them so badly, wishing I could have seen them both there at the finish line? Maybe I'm just an emotional mess? ;)

Dan posted this to his Instagram stories and I thought it was so funny! My eyes are so happy and SOOO tired. I'm in so much pain here, and yet so damn happy!

Dan posted this to his Instagram stories and I thought it was so funny! My eyes are so happy and SOOO tired. I'm in so much pain here, and yet so damn happy!

Meet Speed, By Bumbleride

I have teamed up with Bumbleride to help them celebrate the release of a new addition to their stroller line up. The newest set of wheels is a designated running stroller so aptly named Speed. Speed features a thousand cool things, a few of which I have highlighted below. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to hit the pavement with Speed. When I signed up for my 5K last month I was in need of a stroller equipped for running/jogging. I actually reached out to Bumbleride to see if I could test out Speed and was seriously delighted when they agreed! Being a momma of two, I know buying baby gear can be a bit overwhelming. Which is why I wanted to share with you what I loved most about Bumbleride's Speed. Hopefully this post is coming to you at the right time, or can be passed on to someone who is in the market for a pretty bad ass stroller.

Let me first start this all off by saying I am in no way a professional runner. I'd say I'm more of a professional walker who busts into a jog when a good song comes on through my headphones. I do love a good running stroller, but the Bumbleride Speed sold me more on its lightweight and easy one step fold. Anything that adds ease into my daily life gets a gold star.

My favorites of Speed and a few photos below.

PS: Preorders for Speed open today! There is a promo code at the bottom of this post for a free gift when you preorder.

The thing I noticed right away was the smooth push Speed offers. I know what you are thinking! A stroller is a stroller. But really, Speed was designed to take on all terrain which I am guessing is why the push is so soft. I was thrilled about this mostly because Mila is still really tiny. Though we 100% got clearance from her pediatrician on her being able to join me on a jog. I was still worried about her in there. With very little neck control I didn't want her flopping around. Through out the smooth ride Mila was able to enjoy herself as best a baby can. She slept every. single. time. we used this stroller.


We were able to adjust the 5 point harness snug to fit her small body. (she currently is 11 pounds 25 inches) And with just one click the straps released and we could pick up Mila from the stroller pretty easily. Easy. Easy. There is theme. I love things that are just simple. 1, 2, done.


When we first got to see Speed it was at Bumbleride HQ. One of the first things that was shown to us was the handle bar. "Feel the handlebar!" At first I didn't think much of it. But after using it in my race I found its smooth rubber grip to be extremely helpful. Of course, now I can't remember what exactly that rubber is called. I do know it is PVC free and the entire handlebar adjusts up or down. Which is SUPER awesome since I'm tall.


Speed has an oversized sun canopy that offers SPF 45. If it doesn't cover enough of baby, you can extend it further. I love this photo because one, Mila's tiny feet kicking out. And two, shortly after this photo was taken Mila spit her pacifier out and it landed on the ground. Dan tried to grab it quick but kicked it and the pacifier fell into the ocean. We both started to laugh, then Mila started to cry so we packed up and left. It was pretty funny.

Lesson learned.

Pack more than one pacifier.


Even though I mentioned my favorite thing about this stroller was its one step fold...I lied. My favorite is actually the bell that comes installed on the side of the handlebar! I rang that puppy 24/7. It came in handy during my race. We also walked to grab ice cream and when the ice cream parlor called out our number for next to order...I rang my bell. I love that thing!


Who looks better. Guy who has great running form OR Mom who has terrible running form, but one seriously cool stroller? ;)


In all honesty Speed is pretty great. Aside from what makes it a great stroller it did something more for me. It made me fall back in love with running and working out. I think that is what really makes this a great piece. The comfort and functionality of Speed inspires me to get outside and do something healthy for myself. I kind of loved that Mila was lulled to sleep every time we used this stroller. It allowed me to stay out a bit longer. Work out a bit harder. It isn't always easy finding baby gear that fits the bill for both mom and baby. I am thrilled to report that this stroller exceeds in all areas. Most importantly in helping mommas have the freedom they need to get out, work out and be the best for their baby!


She Is Beautiful 5K

A few years ago when Baby Boy Bakery was in its infant stages, I decided it would be a great idea to make 1000 cupcakes and serve them to 800 women after a 5k race. I volunteered myself as a ‘She Is Beautiful’ race sponsor to help get my name out there. It ended up turning into a family event. I hustled 1000 cupcakes, ran the 5k and passed out cupcakes to all the women who raced . . . all with Ryan in tow. He was just 13 months at the time. He wasn’t walking just yet and while I passed out cupcakes he crawled all over the beach with my husband and his cousins. My step dad built my booth and cupcake display. My grandpa helped me at my cupcake booth, passing out cupcakes and making friends with all the people. My mom and sister in law ran the race with me. My entire family was there cheering on Baby Boy Bakery. It was the first time I felt like my family understood my blog and why I had one. To share my story, my baking and to meet new friends.

I’ll be forever grateful for that day.

The ‘She Is Beautiful’ race has since morphed into this epic event that takes place in Santa Cruz (in other locations as well I believe). This race is for women, which I adore. There is something quite breathtaking when surrounded by strong women. I feel at home. Within my tribe. The ‘She Is Beautiful’ race combines women from all walks of life and places us all on the same track. We are faced with the fact that we are not alone, which is comforting. We are shown that we are more sisters than strangers.

This year I jumped back on the 'She Is Beautiful' bandwagon and decided to run the 5K with both my children this time. Standing at the start line I truly felt both my children with me. Through out the entire race Ryan was warm on my back. I felt and saw so much of him as I ran. Mila wore her big brother's blue jacket and slept soundly the whole time cuddle inside the stroller. The day of the race was a bit emotional, but by the end I was flying so high I felt I could run another 3 miles. I just kept repeating "Wow! That was so awesome! That was so much fun!" . I am now planning on running in the next 'She Is Beautiful' race next year...If you are interested, I will see you at the start line!

Mila and I were lucky enough to partner with a stroller company called Bumbleride right before the 5K. We got to test out Bumbleride's new stroller - Speed. I absolutely fell in love with it and will post more about that on Friday!

A few photos from my race below...


Charity Tastes So Sweet


Two weeks ago our teeny bakery and I had the honor of participating in the 'She Is Beautiful' 10k run in Santa Cruz, CA. We were asked to be a sponsor, and I couldn't say YES! fast enough. The run raised money for the Women and Children Center in Santa Cruz and I loved the idea of contributing to such a great organization. Cupcakes for charity is something we love to do.

It was a lot of hard work and the day feels like it lasted less than an hour! Baby Boy Bakery baked 600+ organic treats for the beautiful ladies running and their family and friends. My whole family joined forces to help me pull this off. We were up early to set up and while I was running the guys helped frost cupcakes...even my grandpa was handing out cupcakes charming the ladies I am sure! Seeing everyone work hard warmed my heart! We couldn't keep our table stocked fast enough and we ran out an hour before the event was over!

I do want to say a huge THANK YOU to the ladies who put on the 'She Is Beautiful' 10k event...You guys did an amazing job! What an inspiring event to be a part of! We are already looking forward to next year! Thank you for including us!

As for the run...I was in good company! Including my mom, her friends and my future sister in-law! One race partner that kept me 100% motivated was our family friend Robyn. Robyn you are one STRONG momma and I love you.

Running For Cupcakes


I'm not a runner. I'm not sure I even like to run. I do sometimes to burn off those cupcakes I eat or when I am chasing Ryan around the park. I'm more of a shake off my calories at a hip hop class kind of girl.

Never do I wake up and feel "Oh man I need a good run!"....

Never do I think "Geeze I should have gone for a run today"....

Never do I say "Yes, I'm going to run a 10K"!

Until now.

Seriously?! I'm participating in the "She Is Beautiful-10k" in 2 short months. I blame Dan's sister who got me excited to run my little heart out along side hundreds of other women who actually enjoy the sport. Although I may seem reluctant to jumping on the running wagon...I've become pleasantly happy about doing so and I'm sticking to a training schedule till the big run! My thighs will thank me I'm sure.

The most exciting part about the "She Is Beautiful-10k" is that Baby Boy Bakery was chosen to supply cupcakes for the women who participate in the race. Our cute logo will be displayed on the race shirts and we'll have our very own display table at the after-race party. How exciting! Plus! What better way to celebrate your race, than to devour an organic cupcake afterward?!

I'm happy to be working with the ladies who are putting on the "She Is Beautiful-10k"! I feel it is such a positive organization and event to associate Baby Boy Bakery with. Here we are combining the likes of exercise to stay healthy, happy and beautiful AS WELL AS eat something yummy in moderation to stay healthy, happy and beautiful {and sane!}. Click on the links above to learn more about this run

I'd love all the running advice you can give. Send me your support as I pound the pavement while pushing my son in our jogging stroller. And if you see a girl laying on the side of the road in bright running shoes gasping for air it's me...splash some water on my face and scream something motivational.