Saturday Snapshot


These are from a few Saturdays ago, when we went to Santa Cruz...

We had a great weekend in the rain with family. So much fun in fact...we kept walking in the rain and danced to a homeless guy playing a guitar. If you haven't done that, you should! I love when things take an un-planned turn for the better!

And one thing is for certain...our son loves to shake it! We knew he loved to dance, but his moves are getting better each day and strangers tell us he has rhythm. I will tell melts my heart when people stop and clap for my son as he dances with no inhibition and pure happiness! Who knows...maybe we have a professional hip hopper on our hands?! {who plays football Dan says! Of course...}

Saturday Snapshot


This weekend's theme is sugar rush...kicked off at Sprinkles Cupcakes, followed by donuts for breakfast and rainy day puddle jumping. Although I am looking forward to sunny afternoons covered in sand and salt water....nothing beats a yummy, lazy day wrapped up in a blanket watching movies and taking naps. Plus, snacking on left over donut holes! Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday Snapshot


Right Now.

`Ryan is 18 months and he loves to laugh.

`Ryan's favorite thing to do is play "throw the ball", run and play outside and eat gummy snacks.

`Ryan is learning how to kick a soccer ball....and it is so cute my heart melts when I see him "practice".

`Ryan is still a sleep champion....he loves to sleep in till 9:30. 10:15 being his latest.

`Ryan can dance better than Beyonce'.

`Ryan can't get enough of reading books and fake texting on his Buzz Lightyear cell phone.

`Ryan loves listening to music and his favorite song is "Moves Like Jagger" and anything by LMFAO.

`Ryan gets crazy when he sees Elmo....gotta love that Elmo!

`What I love most right now is that Ryan loves to hug and give kisses. He is so flexible and we love taking him everywhere...whenever! Right now we are cherishing these moments....

Happy Saturday!

We started the day off with a donut its looking pretty good so far!

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who sent me emails, tweets and commented on our "Battle of the Bink" post! You mommas are awesome! Sometimes what you need the most is to hear you aren't alone....

Saturday Snapshot


Happy Saturday! Our little family of 3 has been so busy recently. Time is going by so fast....Sometimes I feel overwhelmed at how quick life is happening these days!! We were able to have some special family time this week at the zoo. I have to admit Ryan has been many places, but we have never seen him so excited, so enthralled with the animals at the zoo. He said Hi and Bye to each animal and we could barely keep him in the stroller when he saw the seals because he wanted to swim in the tank. Maybe, he will be a zoologist?

It was so nice to take a deep breath and enjoy the warm afternoon with my two favorite guys. I hope you all get a chance to block everything out and relax with the people you love the most this weekend!

See you on Monday!

Saturday Snapshot


Dan and I have always been a little nutty...the two of us are anything but normal. I guess you can say that we like to keep things interesting. I am so glad our son came into this world devoted to keeping our little family first class on the crazy train as well! Recently, Ryan has discovered he can undress himself. "These things on my body...I can take them off!" Only problem is he gets one arm or leg free and then gives up. He does it all the time now....which gives us reason to believe he just likes his clothes half on/half off. Awesome! Everyday is an adventure with this us....

Hope your Saturday is a crazy one!

Saturday Snapshot


Our Saturday was full of fun...and left our tummies large! We spend the day in the hot winter sun enjoying some of LA's most desired food trucks at a festival near our home. All three of us were in heaven, because us kids like to EAT! Our favorite was the Nom Nom truck where we had our fair share of Banh Mi and Honey Glazed Pork Tacos. The photo above captures Ry and I sharing a Blue Raspberry Italian Ice Cream. I was trying to help him eat it to save his shirt from getting stained. It didn't work...he wanted his own spoon to feed himself. Of course.

I hope you all had a great Saturday!

Saturday Snapshot


Lately Ry has been so clingy. I am trying to embrace it. This stage we are going through it is up and down I tell ya! Although, my favorite is when I am in the kitchen washing dishes and he sits between my feet and plays. Sometimes he hugs my leg and kisses it, other times he throws a ball at my feet. Or like the photo above, he just sits there waiting for me to finish.

"Let's go play Momma!"

Saturday Snapshot


This week has been a rough one. (More details on why later.) Our washer broke, which lead to a build up of over 6 loads to be done. Beautifully piled at the foot of our bed. Once it got fixed I found myself loading the washer more times than I could count. Ryan was feeling neglected apparently. SO, I strapped him in the ERGOBaby carrier while I washed clothes. Never have I worn him around the house and at 16 months he was begging to be carried. I caved when he held up his little arms. After all, it will only be a matter of time before he won't ask for me to hold him anymore.

When he is 16 I will remind him of when I used to carry him around while doing house chores.....

"Remember when you used to be so cute and want me to hold you all the time?! Now your are in and out and I can barely squeeze a hug out of you!!"

Have a good weekend! Cherish all the moments.