Purees & Pop - Baby Food That Can Turn Into Cocktails

Last month I hosted my second annual Purees & Pop class and it was a total blast! This class is all about creating baby food that 100% benefits your baby ... as well as your entire family. I am a huge advocate for creating baby food wherein the whole family can enjoy the ingredients. When I go grocery shopping I like to focus on foods that everyone can eat, therefore it lessens waste and cuts down on time (and money) spent of making separate meals for your little ones. For example, any fruit blends you can blend into a puree for your baby. You can blend up the fruit for yourself in smoothie or eat the fruit on its own. The same goes for vegetables and proteins. You can prepare these for the family and then pull aside a certain amount to blend up for your baby to enjoy too. I'll be sharing more of my meal time baby purees that can also be created as a whole meal for your family in my next blog regarding baby food!

Today I am going to recap my Purees & Pop event and share with you the two baby food purees we created ... and then turned into delicious cocktails. (I also give direction on how to make a mocktail if cocktails aren't your thing ;) So, lets jump in! 25 mamas joined us to learn about baby food, tips on starting their baby on solids and for general motherhood support. Which lets face it, as mothers we need all the support we can get from others who are walking down similar paths with their children. This time we partnered up with the incredible plant-based baby food delivery service Yumi who supplied our mamas with such great swag and a brilliant nutritionist to answer questions based on foods nutritional value. Upon arriving mamas were greeted with either the 'Mama Vacay' or 'Baby Bourbon' cocktail and mingled before finding their seats for class. Think college class but waaaaaaaay better! Once everyone was seated class began and I shared the following info ...

While I am mom who has successfully made homemade baby food for both my children, I am not a doctor. I do strongly believe that starting your child off on a variety of foods and flavors is key in helping them grow into healthy, well-rounded eaters. It is important to fully understand that every baby is different. And though we are all moms here, we are all going back to different situations/different babies. Try not to compare. (Comparing yourself to others is honestly the thief of all your joy! I'm learning that the hard way) Take what you learn here and apply what you can, swap out things that you need to and make this solid food journey fun for both you and your baby. Keeping meal time fun is necessary to ensure its successful.

We all know fruits are a great food to start your baby with. They are sweet and usually go over well with babies. Plus, as your baby gets older fruits offer a great 'mask' as you sneak veggies into their diets. The two baby food purees I am listing below are blends, which mean the include more than one fruit/ingredient. However, when you start your baby on solids you always want to start with one puree at a time. Simply because, if your baby has an allergic reaction to a food you can immediately rule it out rather than try to decipher what it was that caused it. I think a good rule of thumb is to feed your baby a new food and wait 5-7 days before introducing another new food. And because I am paranoid, anytime I introduced a new food to my children I always do so at home and when my husband is around. Just in case. I don't want an allergic reaction to happen while traveling or at a restaurant or while I'm alone.

I will say I started both my kids on their solid food journey around 5 months with breast milk and baby cereal. I started Ryan off with a mashed banana and Mila’s first food was mashed avocado. Though generally you’ll want to start solids around 6 months. In a lot of my baby food recipes I add things like spices, onions and lemon. These you also want to introduce one at a time. Try adding spices after they have mastered the concept of solid foods. Obviously milk (breast or formula) plays a huge factor. I know up until they are one babies need about 18 ounces of milk a day to support their growth. With the introduction to solid food you can add milk (breast or formula) to cereal and purees to give it a creamy texture and also to bridge the gap between milk and food. Making food taste similar to something your baby already knows and enjoys can be helpful. Of course, check your babies doctor with food amounts and any questions you may have as they (along with you) know your baby best and can offer sound advice. :)

If you only leave this post with one piece of advice I want it to be this. Strive to make meal time fun. If at any point you or your child become frustrated, things just won’t work. Take a break and revisit feeding when you both are ready. As with anything new it takes time and some babies will gobble it all up and others won’t. Keep trying, practice makes perfect. Go with what you baby enjoys. In my experience it is always smart to start your child with things they enjoy and mix in things they might not slowly. For example if you know your child loves apples try mixing it with something they might not care for to re-introduce it. Patience is everything here. Try solid foods everyday when your child is at their most happiest. For both my kids that the morning time. So any new foods etc. were introduced in the morning. Happy Feeding Mamas!

I also want to send a huge hug and thank you to our Purees & Pop sponsors Yumi and Seedling!!

As well as our swag bag contributors; Baby Brezza, EZPZ Mats, Babyganics, Munchkin, Gathre, Seedling & Yumi

On to the baby puree recipes and cocktails!! Both these recipes are great for so many things, enjoy ... Be sure to read the tips prior to making.

Apricot, Apple, Pear + Vanilla

For 6-7+ months

Cooking Time - 10 minutes Suitable For Freezing

-For Baby - Serve this puree on its own or with baby rice cereal, yogurt or mashed banana.

-For Mama - Serve this puree with granola and/or yogurt. For a beverage serve 1 tablespoon of puree with cold sparkling water. To make this into the ‘Baby Bourbon’ cocktail serve 1 tablespoon of puree stirred with 1 shot of bourbon. Then top off with sparkling water in a sugared rimmed glass.

Ingredients + How-To

1 diced apricot

1 apple peeled and diced

3 tablespoons purified water (or coconut water)

1 pear peeled and diced

1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Place all diced fruit + vanilla into the blender.

Blend the fruit and then slowly add your water to achieve the texture you want.


-Always start with no water as some fruit and vegetables have high water content. This way you can control the amount of water going in and achieve the perfect texture for you and your baby.

-Dice all fruit the same size.

-Start your baby off on peeled apples, but as they get older you can leave the skin on as a lot of nutrients are within the skin. Although I used to say I’d never be one of those moms who would peel the skin off apples because my mom always made me eat the skin along with the apple. Yet, just last month we found out that Mila won’t eat apples unless the skin is off and now pretends to gag when we try to serve her apple slices with skins. So, I peel off the skins and she eats the damn apple. As a mom you just have to pick your battles I guess.

-With fruit purees you always want to make sure you are using the ripest fruit because that is when the fruit is at its best flavor-wise.

-Here I am using a tiny bit of vanilla. Using vanilla is optional, but it does give the fruit a nice flavor. Plus it tastes great with bourbon. ;) Again using aromatics just heightens your babies flavor profile and sets the tone for food tasting a variety of ways.

-This puree is great and if you make it in the morning for your baby, you can enjoy it with yogurt and granola too!

-Apricots to me aren’t known as a popular go-to fruit but they are actually pretty great for you! They have iron, vitamin A & C and potassium.

-Blending three fruits together is great and keeps meal time interesting.

-Store in freezer safe containers for up to 2 weeks.

Pineapple Mango Banana

For 7-9+ months

Cooking Time - 10 minutes

Suitable For Freezing

-For Baby - Serve this puree on its own. The mashed banana will make it creamy and filling. You can always skip the mashed banana and add yogurt or baby cereal.

-For Mama - Use the frozen purees in smoothies or yogurt. This tropical mix taste great with cold sparkling water. To make the ‘Mama Vacay’ cocktail add 1 tablespoon of puree (minus the mashed banana) into a champagne glass then top with champagne or sparking wine.

Ingredients + How-To

1 cup diced pineapple (freeze the rest for smoothies or keep in the fridge for a snack)

2 tablespoons water (or coconut water)

2 diced mangos

1/2 a banana (to be used when it is time to serve to your baby)

Place the pineapple and mango into the blender.

Add water if needed and blend to your desired texture.

Freeze just the pineapple mango puree. You’ll add the banana when it is time to feed your baby.

When it is time to serve, mash half a banana and stir with pineapple mango puree.


-When defrosting purees, be sure to heat baby food until it is piping hot. Then let cool down before serving. Heating food until it is piping hot will eliminate any bacteria that may have grown while being stored. Never re-store food after it has been heated.

-Store in freezer save containers for up to 2 weeks.

All Photos By Lily Ro Photography


Purees & Pop - Making Homemade Baby Food Fun & Sparkling

Last year I had this wild idea sort of land in my head the way you see a random leaf fall from a tree and land softly on the ground. This idea landed in my mind and sort of marinated if you will and within a few days of tossing it back and forth I had to call someone and bounce this said idea at them. I remember calling my friend Priscilla and telling her my idea to make homemade baby food fun for both the baby and parent. Priscilla thought it was a great idea and thats all I needed to jump head first into a whole new realm of sharing information. Sometimes that is all you need. Someone else to say “Yes, that sounds incredible! You aren’t crazy, you are creative!” and then you are off and running into a direction you were scared at first to run in … but as you run quick into this new direction it is that support from others that acts as the wind propelling you forward.

When I started this blog Baby Boy Bakery I wanted to A. Make Friends and B. Share The Recipes I Was Making. It just so happened that when I started my blog, my son Ryan was just embarking on his solid food chapter of eating. I knew from the get go I wanted to make all his baby food at home in my kitchen. Just because I wanted to control every morsel that went into his body and well ya I was a first time paranoid parent. (Cut to Mila eating a stale sweet potato fry she found in her car seat recently, come the second kid things just don’t seem that bad.) Anyways, I started sharing my homemade baby food recipes on my blog and parents seemed interested and even tried a few on their own. Last year when Mila began her solid food journey my readers asked daily what Mila was eating so I posted a few baby food recipes and tips. You can search my blog for baby food and scroll through a whole slew of baby food recipe ideas.

I love writing recipes and ideas for parents and sharing them on my blog or social media. Though what I was really craving was that in-person connection and felt like I not only wanted to teach a class but I could in fact teach a real class. Reading blogs is great, but getting to meet people and learn new things is magic and I just love love love my online community so much! I knew I had to think of a fun and inviting way to host a class. Since the majority of my questions revolved around what I fed my kids I decided to put together a class and add a few fun layers to it! Enter … Purees & Pop!

Purees & Pop is my homemade baby food making class where I teach parents simple purees and blends that their baby can eat, but also can be tossed into a cocktail or sparking water for a delicious adult drink! Parents learn the ins and outs on how to create baby food at home, as well as how to use certain homemade purees that pair well with spirits. Purees are not just for the baby you guys!! During the class I also go over how to store your baby food, what blends offer a well-balance meal for your baby and which fruit combinations make a yummy vanilla bourbon cocktail. You know, because parents deserve a little fun during meal time too.

Ok, so don’t I do this all alone. My friend Priscilla who gave me the courage to start this class in the first place helps me organize the best class possible with the best brands and sponsorships possible! You can check out our #PureesandPop on Instagram to see all the fun we had last year. We had moms and dads attend, take notes and mingle with each other while they learned and sipped cocktails (and mocktails). It was so much fun that we are hosting a second Purees & Pop on July 27th! This second class will be just like the first but with a few tweaks for the better. I have all new recipes and I’ve partnered with Yumi to have an on-site nutritionist to answer real deal questions from parents about the food they are feeding their babes. Our swag bags this time around are filled to the brim with goodies that include the Baby Brezza blender and Munchkin food containers you see here in the photos, Babyganics cleaners, EZPZ mats and much more! To say I am excited would be a huge understatement.

I’m busy getting everything ready for our second Purees & Pop and I couldn’t be more thrilled! It will be a fantastic time. If you are interested in joining the fun check out our event page HERE and RSVP!

If nothing else, I hope this little story inspires you to do the thing you are most thinking about. Bounce your idea off a friend and let their support guide you. It could turn into something spectacular! ;)

Photos By Nicki Sebastian & Max Wanger


Strawberries, Bananas & Spinach Oh My!

I honestly love feeding my babies, I probably get more joy out of it than they do. Even looking at my face in some of these photos you can tell I am freak. Fully obsessed with whipping up yummy fruit and veggie combinations for my children to eat. When my son Ryan started solids it was like a whole new world opened up. I always knew I wanted to make my own baby food because really thats all I knew. I am the oldest of 4 and siblings are way younger than me. Like 6, 10 and 16 years younger than me. So I remember a lot of what my mom did, making things at home was my moms go-to. We used to beg her for those rice krispy treats wrapped in shiny blue paper, tortilla chips, chocolate candies, anything and everything we would ask for and she would always say "No, we can make that at home!" She was right a few times, but ain't nobody makes Doritos like Frito Lay! Anyways, she made baby food and I was inspired even at a young age. So, when it came time for me to feed my baby solids I set out to create the best baby food I could possibly make.

I mentioned in my last baby food post that I came across a lot, A LOT of errors along the way. Now with Mila I know a bit more, but still screw it up at times. I have found that mixing up things you as a family will already eat works best. Don't try and go all fancy, if you don't eat beets on the regular then don't go out of your way to buy them and make them special for your babe. The best way to go about this is as simple as you can at first. Once you get the hang of it and figure out what your baby loves the most, what textures they love the most, then you can dabble with foods that are unique to you. I do know a good baby food beet recipe if you are interested. ;)

When I am making baby food I typically do it all in one day and then freeze it all for the week. I take out the baby food that I know Mila will consume the next day and let thaw out in the refrigerator over night. I heat up her food in 30 sec increments until it is just warm enough. You will find what works best for you in that regard. Though freezing baby food is a great! Just be sure to never re-freeze anything. And use containers that are safe to microwave etc. Since we travel a lot freezing baby food has become a life saver. For plane rides or all day Disneyland days I just pack frozen baby food containers and they thaw through out the day. If you do that though, be sure to only do so with foods that don't need to be warmed. (Like sweet potatoes or anything with meat.) Try a few foods at a time. Starting with one 1 week and moving forward from there. This way you can easily detect any reactions to certain foods. Start by blending up foods extremely smooth and thin. Add water a tablespoon at a time until you reach the right consistency for your own baby. At this point in time Mila is 9 months, she now can tolerate foods with a little more girth to them. Slowly she is getting there. When I first gave her baby food that was more on the chunky side she spit it out. So, Ok I guess she wasn't ready. But I kept re-introducing it and she eventually found it to be ok. Listen to your baby! Don't force anything on them, because you want this to be a joyful experience for the both of you. If your baby isn't into something, let it go and try again later. There is no harm in that. Your baby is doing things at their own pace, and that is truly awesome!

I teamed up with Baby Brezza for my Purees and Pop! baby food workshop this week. I am thrilled to get the chance to teach mamas in the Los Angeles area all about baby food. I say teach, but I know we will end up teaching each other. If you are interested in attending the work shop all the details are here. I am also giving a Baby Brezza and other baby food goodies on my IG, you can enter to win here.

Mila is fruit lover, just like her Dad and I try to sneak in veggies with every fruit I give her. I whip up strawberries, bananas and spinach for her and she loves it. It honestly tastes great as smoothie for yourself too. Or I sometimes like to add strawberries to my water. Below is all you need to know...

Strawberry - Banana - Spinach

-1 cup diced strawberries

-1 cup diced bananas

-2 cups spinach

*Blend until smooth or the texture you'd like.

Spinach - Carrot - Peach

-1 peach diced

-3-4 carrots peeled and diced

-2 cups spinach

*steam the spinach and carrots until carrots are fork tender. The Baby Brezza has an easy steam setting where you can steam then blend all in one. It is pretty awesome! Blend the carrots and spinach together. Toss in your diced peach and blend until smooth.


Photos By Nicki Sebastian

Baby Food Blender - Baby Brezza

Baby Food Containers - Munchkin

High Chair - Bloom Baby

3 Simple Baby Food Recipes

I have been really into homemade baby food since my son Ryan could start solids. Nearly six years ago I set out to blend up what I thought would be delicious + nutritious and did pretty well. I mixed up fruits and veggies that I thought would taste well together and my babe enjoyed it all. Through many trials and errors I've developed some tricks to help make homemade baby food easy. Easy and really fun! I've also created a ton of recipes worth sharing.

My friend Pricilla Vega and I combined forces and put together a baby food making workshop event. On September 29th I'll be teaching baby food recipes where the mamas can get hands on time in the kitchen with me. I am hoping to break that intimidating wall of homemade baby food and send mamas home confident. Plus, the swag the mamas will be able to take home is incredible! Each mama that comes to the event will be able to take home a Baby Brezza - Food Maker and a bunch of other baby feeding items from; Munchkin, EXPZ and Babyganics! If you'd like to join me at or know a mama who would check out all the info here.

Today I wanted to share three really simple baby food recipe ideas. All three are great for 6 months +. Though always consult your pediatrician before giving your baby solids. If you and your baby are just starting, be sure to give one fruit or veggie at a time. This way if your baby has an allergic reaction to something, you'll know right away what it was. Rather than giving them an assortment and having to decipher what gave your baby a reaction or not. Keep in mind that feeding your baby should be fun for the both of you. Keep the stress level down by not having your expectations too high. Your baby could really not be into solids at the moment. Don't take it personally! Try again in a few days. Your babe will let you know when they are ready to start noshing. Another tip, when setting out to make baby food just blend up small amounts at first. This way you can see what your baby is into and you won't end up sitting on a bunch of blended carrots ... only to find out your baby hates carrots. ;) Trial and error guys...it takes time and patience but the end result is awesome!

Also, another note. I am a HUGE fan of packaged baby food. I am not coming from a high and mighty place of "Thou shall only eat homemade baby purees!" No. In fact, if blending up homemade is not for you, then high five! We've been traveling a lot lately and Mila has been all up on Happy Baby, Yummy Spoonfuls and Plum food packets. Your baby has to eat no matter what or how. Anyways, I just wanted to put that out there. I would hate to learn that this post made any mama feel less than in some way or another. I love you all and you are all bad asses.

Sweet Potato + Chicken

Blending up meat is by far one of the most nastiest things I've ever done. My husband actually can't stand it and goes in the other room. BUT, we aren't vegetarians and I want to give my baby some protein so I do it. It really isn't that bad I guess. When making dinner for my husband and I, I usually set aside some chicken or ground turkey for Mila. Here is what I do;

-Cook 1 diced chicken breast through with a 1 tsp olive oil, mini pinch of salt and pepper.

-Dice two sweet potatoes and place on a baking sheet. Add a 1/2 tablespoon of butter. (Cut the butter into tiny pieces and sprinkle through out the potatoes)

-Roast the potatoes for about 10-15 minutes or until fork tender. Roasting helps caramelize the sugars within the sweet potato making it pretty tasty for baby.

-Once the potatoes and chicken are fully cooked and cooled toss them into a blender. Blend until smooth. Add about 1/4 cup of water to help blend into a smooth puree.

Spinach + Apple + Avocado

Adding fruit to a veggie helps with the overall taste. It also helps ease your baby into that green leafy life. Mixing with a mild fruit like an apple will still give them a taste of spinach, but it takes the edge off. Adding avocado adds a creamy texture and some good fat. I also add a 1 -2 tsps of lemon juice when working with apples and greens for two reasons. 1. The lemon also helps take the edge off intense greens. 2. The lemon helps keep baby food vibrate colored, as fruit especially apples and avocados turn brown quickly. Here is what I do;

-Dice up 1 apple and 1 avocado. I always leave the skin on my apples, though you can peel it if you want. Peel the avocado for sure though ;) haha!

-In a blender place 2 cups of spinach, your apple and avocado. Add 2 tsps of lemon juice. I honestly eye ball this by slicing the lemon in half and squeezing half the lemon into the blender.

-Blend until smooth. There is a lot of juice in apples and spinach so typically this combo blends up nicely with the lemon juice. But don't be afraid to add a little bit of water into the mix to help things along. Just add little bits at a time, because too much will turn your puree into a juice drink.

Blueberries + Peach + Banana

By far this is Mila's favorite right now. At first bite she does this hip trust, butt jump thing that really makes her mama proud. I got this idea from my favorite smoothie place in town. I order this exact smoothie which is ridiculous because I can clearly make it at home. Enter eye roll. Anyways, I always try and make baby food with fresh ingredients at the start. Since I end up freezing it all for storage. (I am weird about twice frozen things) BUT you can totally use frozen fruits if that is easier. Here is what I do;

-Slice 1 banana and 2 peaches.

-In a blender add 1 cup of blueberries, sliced banana and peaches.

-Blend until smooth. Now these fruits tend to blend up pretty well with out the help of water, but you can add some if you need to. I like to use coconut water in small amounts when blending up fruit purees too. Again, that move is totally up to you.

Baby Food Storage

Once the baby food is made you'll want to store it in containers that are microwavable safe (preferably ones that are BPA, PVC, KJU, RTD free. Those last two were made up. ;) You can store your baby food in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. I freeze the majority of my baby food and defrost it as I need it. Frozen baby food is good for up to three months. Though I've never had baby food last that long in the freezer. I make it for a few days each Sunday and Wednesday usually. At night I take out what I know Mila will eat the following day and let it thaw in the refrigerator over night. When it is time to eat I warm it through in the micro for 20-30 seconds at a time.

*Freeze serving size quantities. Check with your doctor for how many ounces your baby should be eating.

*Never freeze warm/hot baby food. Let it get to room temp before putting in the freezer.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help.


Broccoli In Disguise

I have shared this recipe in the past and received a lot of positive feedback from readers via email. I am excited this combination worked so well, and had babies chomping away at broccoli {In disguise}. Enjoy!

And thank you to the mommas who reached out to me with feedback! It means the world to me!

Steamed Broccoli & Cinnamon Apples

What you need

2 heads of broccoli

2 large red apples

1tsp cinnamon

I have found that my son will eat most anything! Though, I know most babies won't! We all know broccoli is not at the top of our 'most yummy' list, however if you pair it with something sweet you may have struck a happy medium! Try this seriously healthy veggie with another vitamin packed fruit!


`Cut up both the apple and broccoli (mommas...leave the skin ON the apple! The skin has tons of essential vitamins and if you get your babe used to it now...you won't waste time (and food) peeling them in the future.)

-Steam the broccoli till barely fork tender (you don't want it too soft) then dunk the broccoli into an ice bath to stop the cooking and preserve that vibrate green color!

-Steam the apples until fork tender

-Put BOTH into a blender or food processor with the cinnamon and blend to your babies stage!

Helpful Hint: You can freeze baby food in BPA free freezable containers for up to 3 months. When you are ready to serve simply take it from the freezer to the microwave. Heat until PIPING HOT! Wait till it cools to serve.


Maple Infused Sweet Potato Mash


Happy Monday Everyone!

If you are new to the Baby Boy Bakery...I'll let you in on a not so secret secret. Each Monday I post a yummy recipe, in which most cases you can mash up for your baby as well as keep whole and delish for the rest of your family.

I started this so I wouldn't be making two separate meals {Example: One for Dan and I and one for our son}. I also have found that having my son eat whatever I am serving has heightened his sense of taste and he is on the right track of becoming a "good eater".

Though I am sure once he is two and has a mind of his own I'll find us on the "chicken nugget and ketchup only" path. Ahhh the beauty of toddler-hood....I can't wait.

Anyways.....this week I have a house hold favorite! One you could even make for holiday dinner this year. Listen up, cuz it is a goodie! And goes AMAZING with chicken or pork chops.

Maple Infused Sweet Potato Mash

What You Need

`6 small organic sweet potatoes

`3 tbs organic olive oil

`1/2 tsp salt

`1/2 tsp crushed dried organic rosemary

`3 tbs organic 100% maple syrup

`2 tbs organic brown sugar


`Poke holes in the sweet potatoes with a fork

`On a foil lined sheet pan spread potatoes and rub the olive oil and rosemary all over.

`Roast in the oven at 350 for about 35 min....or until you can stick a fork in the potatoes and it goes in an out with no effort. {Till they are nice and soft}

`Let the potatoes cool enough till you can handle them. Now, I like to cut them up and toss them into the blender. Blend until it is a mashed like consistency.

`But if potato skins are not your bag, then scrape out the potato and toss the skins. BUT the skins hold all the essential vitamins potatoes give us.....Sorry I sound like my mother.

`With the smooth potato mash, place in a baking dish and drizzle the maple syrup and salt on the top. Give it a little mix. Sprinkle a teeny bit of brown sugar over the top and bake in the oven for about 10 min.

`Then enjoy!

Seriously guys the sweet and salty combo on these sweet potatoes is so goooood! Hope you dig it as much as we do!

Pear + Apple Sauce Baby Boy B

Happy {Delish} Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to tackle the upcoming week. If you are new here read below for a re-cap on what {Delish} Monday is all about....

Giving my readers a simple, healthy recipe they can whip up for their family and baby. A fun recipe where you can puree it to your babies liking...as well as leave it whole and tasty for the rest of your family members. I came up with this concept because I found myself making my son a different meal than my own every day. I was a tired momma who wanted to make my babies food from scratch...so I started making things we could both enjoy. Take a look back at the recipes I have posted in our 'Baby Boy Food' page.

Even though my son is well past the smooth puree stage I find fruit sauces such as apple or pear make for good, quick snacks. Although buying apple sauce from the store is the simpler route, I urge you to make your own and freeze it in small containers.This way you can make your own flavors by mixing different fruits and spices. Here is one of our favorite fruit sauces!

Pear & Apple Sauce

What you need

`2 pears

`2 apples

`1 tsp cinnamon

`1 tsp lemon juice or lemonade

`1/4 of lemonade {or any juice flavor....or water}

`Makes six 2 oz containers


`You can peel the fruit or not peel it. Up to you. I like to keep the skin on...it packs more vitamins and adds some texture.

`Cut the fruit and toss everything into a blender

`Puree till smooth...or whatever thickness you enjoy.

`Freeze for up to a month or in the fridge for a week. To defrost heat in microwave for 1 minute.

Fruit Sauce Combination Ideas

`Apple & Mango

`Banana & Black Cherry

`Pear & Plum

Use Fruit Sauces In...

`Swirl in oatmeal or rice cereal

`Spread on toast

`Eat w. Breakfast or Lunch

`Get creative!!

Parmesan Peas


Annnnnnnnd I am back! The past couple of weeks have been insane to say the least. I was busy planning, decorating and baking for my son's 1st birthday (pirate post soon) AND baking 350+ cupcakes for Cupcake Camp OC (recap post soon). Even though I want to just sleep for 3 days straight, I am getting my butt into gear and planning more fun dessert orders. Plus, I'll be keeping up with the blog....better than I have been.

With that said....

Welcome back to 'Delish Monday'! Every Monday I share a delish EASY recipe that you can serve to both your family and baby! I am huge fan of making your own baby food and I want to help those mommas who think they can't whip up yummies. Check out my 'Baby Boy Food' page for my past recipes to help get you started! Don't forget to leave me some love and let me know how it turned out! If you have any ideas or want to add something I would LOVE to hear from you!

Parmesan Peas


1 lb of organic fresh peas

2 tbs of organic butter

1/4 cup of organic whole milk

2 healthy hand fulls of Parmesan cheese (grated any way you like)

1tbs oregano

a few pinches of salt


`Start a pot of boiling salted water

`Take your peas out of the pods (have your kids help you) - Rinse the peas then put them in the pot until tender but still have a bite to them

`Strain the peas and then put them back into the pot

`Add butter and milk and stir till it is all melted and coating the peas evenly

`Add the Parmesan and oregano and still under mixed well

`Serve hot!

Trust me the salty bite from the Parmesan with the sweet peas is a combination worth trying! YUM

**For babies...just blend the peas to their eating stage and enjoy!

Have a good Monday loves!


Baby Boy Food-Brown Buttered Squash

Happy Monday!

Yum! This Monday's recipe is so sweet and delish. It is perfect any time, but something about it makes me think of Autumn. This recipe has few ingredients, though it takes some time to brown up the butter. My advice to you is to try it...because honey there ain't nothing better than brown butter! Trust me.

Brown Buttered Squash


One big butternut squash

1 stick of butter (if you have salted butter don't add the pinch of salt)

pinch of salt

1/3 cup of brown sugar


`In a pan melt the stick of butter. The key here is LOW & SLOW. You want to melt the butter and once you see white bits float to the top you want to stir it and keep heating the butter until the bits turn a golden brown. This technique is used a lot and it brings out a sweet nutty flavor to the butter. It is super yummy!

`Cut the squash into bite size pieces and place on a cookie sheet. Pre-Heat oven to 400 degrees

`Pour the browned butter over squash and toss

`Sprinkle the brown sugar over squash and toss till everything is evenly coated

`Roast for about 20 minutes or until the squash is fork tender and caramelized.

As a side dish serve hot.

For baby food...let it cool then blend to your babies stage. PS your babe is going to LOVE this sweet and savory combo!