Spinach Smoothies Fun For Toddlers

Recently, I have been trying new ways to bring veggies into our daily diet and have come up with 3 really delicious smoothie combinations.We usually have one or two a day and currently my toddler thinks these "moooovies" are the best....so I'll pump him full of spinach so long as he lets me!

Below I have shown you our 3 favorite smoothie ideas. Each one has spinach and yogurt, but we vary the fruit for different flavors.

Smoothie Tips & Tricks

`Always freeze your fruit! I like to cut it up and store it in plastic containers. You can toss the fruit with lemon juice to keep them from turning brown. Using frozen fruit will give you the smoothie texture and keep it cold.

`We use a Magic Bullet....But I'm sure any blender would work fine. If you have a Vita-Mixer you are lucky!

`Mangos, apples and bananas hide the spinach taste really well.

`We like to add extra sweetness with vanilla yogurt. However, plain or Greek works awesome!

`When using spinach, be sure to pull the ends off.

`Make drinking the smoothies fun! Add a fun straw, use a fun cup.

`Let your toddler toss the fruit into the blender.

Have fun and enjoy drinking your veggies`