'Cereal-ously' Some Cute Valentine Ideas


Happy February! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I wanted to share what we are putting together for Mila’s classmates. This month I’ve partnered with Minted to help Mila make the cutest (and easiest) Valentines. I love that Minted offers such a wide selection of classroom Valentines. You can check our their entire selection HERE.

You know sweets and treats are inevitable around the always hyped up Valentine’s Day. I don’t typically shy away from it either! What fun is that?! I was excited though when Mila randomly said she wanted to give her friends cereal. I immediately though of those cute little cereal boxes we used to take camping when I was little. Still sugary sweet, but a bit different than your normal wrapped candy. We searched the Minted classroom Valentines shop and decided on this cute little heart that we could customize with a photo of Mila. Then we kept looking and we found an actual cereal themed Valentine! It was perfect. We decided to give the hearts with Mila’s photo to family and give the cereal Valentines to her class.

To make things more fun we popped open a cereal box to snack on while we put the Valentines together. Mila instructed me on who was getting which cereal. Then Mila attached each Valentine to the cereal box with a Minted custom sticker we had made with her name on it. The whole process was simple and quick. Now we have the Valentines in a bag awaiting the big V-Day!

I love that Minted classroom Valentines are different from what you’d find at the store. Each of their Valentines are created by independent artists so you won’t find these designs anywhere else! Plus right now Minted is offering free shipping on all classroom Valentines, so definitely check them out! I’d try looking at them with your little ones and see which one they want to get creative with. Make putting them together fun and sweet. Plus, make a few extra for family and personal friends too. Mila can’t wait to hand out her Valentines to everyone.

Thank you to Minted for partnering up with Mila and I this month. I am thrilled to share Minted with you all!

Shop The Minted Classroom Valentines HERE