Hello, my name is Jacqui.

I am the creator and author of Baby Boy Bakery, a brand that encompasses family, food, travel and simple ways to make life exciting. This little space online is truly a part of my family and I use it to share my whole entire heart. I am married to a pretty special man named Dan and together we have two children, Ryan and Mila. I started Baby Boy Bakery in 2011 when I was knee deep within my journey as a new parent. I wrote my first blog post in the middle of the night and my husband actually came up with the name, Baby Boy Bakery.

I decided to start a blog in hopes of making other mom friends to connect with and to use as a creative outlet. I have always written things out to help me process and cope. I’ve always kept a journal … Why not write in my journal and share it publicly? Motherhood, albeit the best thing in the world, it can also feel very daunting and at times make you feel so lonely. I hope by sharing I can somehow reach out to others and help them feel less alone. We can laugh together, cry together and I tell you about the time my son covered himself in panty liners or how my daughter pinches my face so hard and then kisses my cheeks. Here you will find simple recipes to whip up for dinner or fun ways to involve your little ones in the kitchen. I’ll share how we pass the time with easy crafts or travel adventures.

Often I’ll remember something and it will make me cry. I’ll write it all out hoping to try and make sense of life and the hardships it tosses at you. Bottom line, if you are here reading this I consider you a friend. I already love you and I imagine us sitting together drinking coffee or whatever your drink of choice is. Welcome Friend! Outside of Baby Boy Bakery, in my spare time, I enjoy working out and binge watching Friends on Netflix. I love ice cold white wine, hot donuts and ice cream cones. My children are everything to me and we frequent Disneyland almost weekly. And lastly, I always go to bed every night excited about my morning coffee. I’ve been hit hard by life but choose everyday to focus all my energy on the good … I hope my family and this online space can provide a smile for you, help you learn something new or offer a fun idea.