A Fun Recipe Your Kids Can Take Charge With!

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“Happiness is a choice and one I strive to choose daily. I have my difficult days but I fight really hard to smile through them. I’ve learned that happiness is worth the fight, I promise.”


Welcome to my space where I let it all out - the good, the delicious, the bad and the sad. I have always known that life is grand and should be savored every second. Though I really started to make the most of my days when I became a mother. When I held my son Ryan in my arms for the first time I promised to make everyday an adventure big and small. We’d work to make the most of what life had to offer us. 

I started this blog shortly after my son turned 6 months to document our adventures and tell the tales of motherhood. Life happened guys and it was going so well, until it wasn’t. In the midst of loss and grief I made the decision to continue writing on this space … in hopes of making sense of our tragedy. I am still here, smiling and striving to make everyday an adventure for myself and my family.