Oogie Boogie Bash - FAQ's Answered!


Last Sunday night I took Mila to the Oogie Boogie Bash which is a special ticketed Halloween party at Disney CA Adventure park! I’ve been taking Mila to the Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland for the past three years and this year Disney introduced an all new Halloween party and even switched it from being at Disneyland to Disney CA Adventure. We’ve been looking forward to the NEW Oogie Boogie Bash for months now and had such a great night exploring and enjoying all that was offered! Be sure to watch our video below too so you can see just how neat the party was and use it to help you decided what you want to see the most!

Each year I purchase our tickets the second they go on sale and this year was no different. I actually bought our Oogie Boogie Bash tickets back in June! This special Halloween party takes place on select nights through out the end of September and whole month of October. Unfortunately this years Oogie Boogie Bash is fully sold out. Though a ton of you have tickets and are planning to go this month! Below are some frequently asked questions I received about the event. I’m answering them and hopefully you can use some of the info to help make the most of your evening!

If you aren’t going to the Oogie Boogie Bash this year, that is OK! I’ll be sharing this week all the fun Halloween themed things you can do and see within the parks that aren’t specific to the Oogie Boogie Bash. You can also watch our video, to get an idea of what exactly is the Oogie Boogie Bash and plan to go next year!

Oogie Boogie Bash FAQ’s Answered!

Q: What Kind Of Treats Do The Pass Out? Is It True You Get A Lot Of Treats?

A: On the treat trails cast members pass out popular name brand candy & chocolates like Snickers, Twix, Skittles, Starburst, M&M’s etc. They also pass out individual sealed bags of carrots, apples, grapes, Goldfish pretzels, graham crackers, Pirates Bootie popcorn, Sun Chips, cookies and applesauce packets. You do get a TON of treats! Also, you can go through the treat trails as much as you want. The more you do the more treats you get! The small treat bag they give out when checking into the party isn’t enough room, which is why we brought our own treat bags. Definitely bring your own so you have enough room to carry your treats!

Q: Was Mila Scared Of Anything At The Party?

A: No! She wasn’t scared of anything. Though the new Oogie Boogie Bash this year seemed to be a bit darker than Mickey’s Halloween party it was still very fun and very kid-friendly! Mila did keep asking if people were inside the Villains Grove walk thru and I had to assure her a few times that no one would be inside scaring us. Once she understood what it was, she was fine and had a great time walking thru that immersive trail. You can also see in the video how she interacted with the characters on the treat trails! Everything is very kid-friendly!

Q: Are The Ride Lines Long? Do You Have Time To Do Rides?

A: Not to my knowledge. Because we are Annual Passholders, rides aren’t a priority for us so we never even get close to them. I’ve heard the ride lines are low because most are enjoying the party offerings. I know Monsters After Dark -Guardians of the Galaxy is the most popular with because it has a Halloween overlay. My advice would be to do that first as the line fluctuates through out the night. There are also two rides in Cars Land with a Halloween overlay that you can experience. Keep in mind that some rides/attractions are not open because of the way treat trails are laid out. Ask a cast member right away so you can plan accordingly if rides are on your list!

Q: What Was Your Favorite Thing From The Whole Night?

A: My favorite is the Frightfully Fun Parade. We’ve seen it every year for the past four years now and it is really fun! I love the Nightmare Before Christmas floats and the Grave Digger Dancers! Mila’s favorite was the Mickey’s Trick & Treat show. She laughed the whole time and it was such a sweet show! Plus they passed out candy as you exited the show ;)

Q: Nervous About The Switch From Disneyland To DCA! Was It As Fun/Good?

A: To be honest I was nervous too! I started taking Mila to the Mickey’s Halloween Party when she was a baby and it has turned into our yearly Halloween tradition. When I heard about the switch I was scared it would be all different. I’m thankful they kept the Frightfully Fun Parade! In the end it was awesome! The character treat trails were really fun, you can see in our video how they all interacted with us which was so special!

Q: What Time Should We Get There?

A: Keep in mind your party date. We went on a Sunday which meant we were able to get into the park at 2pm! If your party date is on either a Tuesday or Thursday you are able to get into the park at 3pm! If your party date is on a Sunday or Oct. 29th or Oct. 31st then you are able to get into the park at 2pm! DEFINITELY GET INTO THE PARK DURING THE EARLY ENTRY! You can wear your costumes when you get in that early or you can bring them and store them in a locker if you want until it is party time. You just want to be inside the park before the party starts instead of waiting in line to get in. You only have so much party time, it is best to maximize it by getting there early!

Q: Costumes! Can You Wear Your Costumes In The Park If You Get In Early? Can Adults Wear Costumes?

A: YES! Just no masks for anyone under 13 and even then your eyes need to be showing. If you have a mask or costume prop that isn’t allowed they will let you know at the security check in the parking area. You can read about their costume rules HERE. You can dress up as Disney characters so long as you don’t pose for photos or sign character autographs with other guests! Dressing up is half the fun!

Q: Is There A Parade And A Show? If We Had To Choose One To See, Which One?

A: There is both. If I had to choose I’d choose to see the parade! But it is up to you! You can see clips of both in our video and see which one looks more interesting to you. Both are really great but I’m partial to the parade.

Q: How Long Are The Lines For Treat Trails?

A: They vary through out the night. Plan on waiting anywhere from 10-15 minutes for some. Especially the character treat trails! The good thing is that the lines move quickly so you are always moving.

Q: Villains Grove?! What Even Is It & How Long Is The Line Typically?

A: Villains Grove is an immersive walk thru experience with decorative lights, projections, and music. There are different areas dedicated to different Disney villains. The line for this also varies. We waited about 25 minutes for this. Try to see this right when it opens around 7:15ish or during one of the Villianous showings to hopefully have a smaller wait time!

Q: Can Your Party Ticket Be Used As A Park Hopper?

A: No, it only gets you into Disney CA Adventure for the party.

Q: What Do You Recommend We Do First?

A: Take a look at our schedule down below! Hopefully that helps a bit. Do your research and determine what are must sees for you and your family. Work off that and make those must sees first priority. That way anything else you see or do is a bonus!

Q: Where Did You Get Your Costumes?

A: Most of what I’m wearing is from my closet or Halloween costume bin. My Mad Hatter hat is from Amazon. My gloves and fake nose is from Party City. Mila’s Alice dress + wig is from Amazon. Her tights and shoes are from Target. I also bought a fluffy tutu from Party City to make Mila’s Alice dress a bit more poofy.


Our Oogie Boogie Bash Schedule

*Keep in mind your party date. We went on a Sunday which means we were able to get into the park at 2pm! If your party date is on either a Tuesday or Thursday you are able to get into the park at 3pm!

If your party date is on a Sunday or Oct. 29th or Oct. 31st then you are able to get into the park at 2pm!

2:30pm We were parked and on the tram headed to the park in full costume.

3:00pm We were inside the park and made our way through the party check-in where they gave us wristbands, treat bags, and a party map. By this time the line was long but moved quick! The benefit of getting into the parks early before the party starts is so you are already in the park right when the party starts! That means you don’t waste any of the party time waiting in line to get in. If you have little ones it also gives you time to take costume photos before it gets dark. Grab dinner before you start eating treats. And just relax a bit before the nighttime fun starts!

3:30 - 5:30 - We headed straight for the Coco - Plaza de la Familia area in Paradise Gardens. They have the best shaded tables where you can grab something to eat, enjoy live music, a quick Coco performance, and small activities. That aside, we chose this spot because it was the closest to the Annual Passholder Treat Trail! This special treat trail is only for Disney Annual Passholders and along with candy they give a cute Oogie Boogie Bash magnet. This was something I wanted and it was completely out of the way from all the other party things happening. So I had it first on my list to do. If you aren’t an Annual Passholder, this spot is still a great place to start because they have a regular treat trail set up very close by that you can hit up first and then make your way over to where most of the party action is.

6pm - The Oogie Boogie Bash begins! After we went through the Annual Passholder Treat Trail, we headed towards Hollywood Land. This is where a lot of the party stuff is happening so I wanted to make sure we hit this area up right away. We started with the Mad Hatter Treat Trail at the Hyperion Theater, followed by the Oogie Boogie Treat Trail inside the Disney Animation building, ending with the Dr. Faciler’s Treat Trail back near the Monster Inc. Ride. We were able to hit all three of these treat trails within 45 minutes. The treat trails are long and take a bit to get through because of the character experience within each one. As you walk through there are several spots where cast members pass out treats.

7:15pm - We sat for the parade right in Hollywood Land! Sitting this early ensured that we’d have front row seats for the parade which was important to us. It is one of our favorites and we only see it once a year! In our case, we had a few friends in our group. So while some of our friends kept our parade spot, I was able to take Mila over to the Maleficent Treat Trail, see the Headless Horseman Statue, and Carthay Circle all lit up! If you are going in a group, plan on grabbing a parade spot early and then take turns enjoying the party.

8pm - Enjoyed the Mickey’s Frightfully Fun Parade!

8:50pm - Though the parade isn’t too long, we sat at the end of the parade route so it took a bit to get to us. Once the parade was over we hustled over to Villains Grove but made two stops on the way. Before getting in line for Villains Grove, we happened upon a Minnie and Mickey character greeting with just a few people in line! (Which was very lucky) We hopped in and took a few photos with them. Then we went to the Evil Queen Treat Trail by Grizzly River Run. Those two took no time at all because a ton of people had been waiting to see the first showing of Villainous the Halloween themed World of Color show. I’d definitely recommend seeing the last showing of Villainous so you can maximize your time during the first showing and enjoy shorter lines.

9pm - We got in line for Villains Grove which was the longest wait of the night! We stood in line for about 25 minutes or so until we got inside the immersive trail. (There are NO treats or characters inside this trail. It is just really pretty lights and music with areas designated to various villains.) It was about a 10/12 minute walk thru and very pretty to see in person! You can see a few clips of it in our video!

9:45pm - We ended up in the Villianous viewing area right in the front to steak out a great spot for the last showing of the night at 10:45pm! Again, because we were with friends some waited and kept our show spot while I took Mila to see the Mickey’s Trick & Treat show. We caught the last showing of Mickey’s Trick & Treat show at 10:15pm and then for lack of better words HAULED ASS back to our Villianous show spot! We are used to walking the park and knew exactly where and what we were doing so it wasn’t too much of a hustle. (Good thing the Mickey’s Trick & Treat show is only 12 minutes long. We had enough time to walk back to our show spot.) I did ask Mila if she wanted to see both and that meant we had to hurry and she was game for it. I think she would have walked faster if her 8 month pregnant mom wasn’t weighing her down! ;)

10:45pm - We made it back in time for the Villianous show with some minutes to spare. Enjoyed the show and then exited the park and headed HOME!

In the end we did the five character treat trails, the annual passholder treat trail, and one regular treat trail. We saw the Frightfully Fun Parade, Villains Grove, Mickey’s Trick & Treat show and Villianous the Halloween World of Color show. We skipped the DecenDANCE party and the character meet and greets except for the accidental Mickey & Minnie one we came across! We had a pretty successful night! We did hustle to make sure to saw everything and it was so helpful going in a group so we could take turns waiting in our great show/parade spots while others went off and enjoyed the party.

Can’t Wait For Next Year!

Have any more questions? Leave them below or check out the official Oogie Boogie Bash website HERE!


Also, I know a lot of you will ask. I was in no way compensated for this blog post or social posts. I pay for our Disney Annual Passes and I bought these party tickets myself back in June. Though we sometimes do work with Disney on sponsored content, this was not one of those times. We are BIG TIME Disney fans and are so happy to share our magical experiences with you all in hopes of helping you plan for your own in the future!