Rockstar Momma Moment

I'm nearly 100% certain that every momma goes through this at least once a month...for me its nearly every week. Every week I find myself in a crazy situation with my son, who is an innocent bystander, in the midst of my forgetfulness and thoughtless-ness. Apparently my nonchalant attitude rears it's ugly head at the worst times!

I'm talking about my 'Rock Star Momma Moments'...I like to refer to them as 'Rock Star' because I believe only a 'Rock Star' momma can pull off such great feats. {Are you catching my sarcasm here??}

Now, usually the outcome of these moments are funny and seemingly educating for myself and others. Which is why I have decided to post them on the blog as often as they happen...with the small hope that some of you mommas out there understand and can share some of your moments as well.

Remember when I mentioned I needed to get my act together and get organized?! Yes, well it is a work in progress. Last Wednesday I forgot to look at our diaper supply thinking "we always have enough". Even if we are low, I can always scrounge one up from the diaper bag. Well, the next morning my forgetfulness bit me in the butt and resulted in what I like to call a Rock Star Momma Moment.

That morning as I picked up Ryan from his crib I saw a bright morning ahead of us. My favorite part of the day is walking into his room in the morning and seeing his round face look up at me. I love the way he smiles and says "hi!". As I go grab a fresh diaper I am a little surprised by the fact we have none. I check the diaper bag where I find none. So, I don't freak because hello! I am a mom and I can figure this out. Ahhhh I think swim diaper! Perfect. Thankfully we have a large supply of those in the swim diaper bag we take to swim lessons. Ryan now is rocking a swim diaper, although not heading to the pool or beach that day.

I decide that after breakfast we will go to Target for diapers and run some other errands.

As we are rocking out in the car on our way to Home Depot for some spray paint I catch a glimpse of my baby boy happy as clam fist pumping to the music.

Naturally, at Home Depot I spend way to long deciding on paint colors...all the while the swim diaper is filling up. Heading back to the car, lifting my son from the stroller to the car seat I realize he is soaked. Awesome. My first thought is okay, I have no diapers and no extra clothes. Of course not. So I take off his wet shorts, strap him in his car seat and head to Target.

As we are rocking out in the car on our way to Target for some diapers I catch a glimpse of my baby boy happy as a clam fist pumping to the music.

Now at Target taking my son out of his car seat I see he has either peed A LOT more or it rained in our car directly on him. My son is soaked, from holding him I am soaked, the diaper is so wet it is dripping and I panic. Thinking how much did he drink? I can't walk into Target with a naked baby {Why did I not pack extra cloths? Though, even if I had I didn't have any diapers}. So, I pick him up strap him in a cart and roll to the baby section, laughing out loud the whole way. Thinking is only happens to me. Embracing all the stares I am getting. My son's diaper is so wet and uncomfortable he can't sit down....he is squatting in the cart. With my soaking wet {white} t-shirt and a squatting child with no pants and a soaked swim diaper....we are surely a sight to see.


After buying diapers, I use the Target bathroom to change my child.

As we are rocking out in the car on our way home for some lunch and a much needed bath, I catch a glimpse of my baby boy happy as a clam fist pumping to the music.

Lesson Learned;

`Always have diapers.

`Swim diapers only work while swimming. {Who knew?}

`No matter how dumb the situation is, your babe will still love you and most likely never remember.

`And dancing to music makes every situation better

Now. please tell me I am not alone here. Any 'Rock Star Momma Moments' you have and would like to share? I would love to hear and cheer you on! {& if you haven't experienced anything like this you are a world class Super Mom I'm not sure I could hang with. : D}

Have a good Friday!