Tame Your Teething Monster

Ryan at three months.

Ryan at three months.

This Monday I am bringing you some easy and safe ways to help you and your teething babe through this very painful time. Last year when Ryan was just barely 3 months he came down with a gnarly cold. I felt so heart broken because we tried so hard to keep him safe and healthy...and at 3 months Dan and I felt lost. I believe there is just nothing worse than seeing your baby sick, especially so little.

At midnight we found ourselves in the urgent care...only to leave with no answers. They said he had a cold and there was nothing they could do. We rode the wave of nursing a sick baby, and at the the end of the week our 3 month old had two tiny white teeth decorating his tiny mouth. Poor baby was teething. We then started doing all the teething tricks and achieved a happy teething baby! One more week later Ryan had two more tiny teeth! 4 teeth by 4 months....clear sign my baby wanted a hamburger ASAP!

All the tricks we used are below...along with my very popular teething biscuit recipe....

Below is my recipe for organic teething biscuits you can make for your little to chomp on. The texture of these biscuits will feel good as the chew, keep them cool in the fridge to help numb their pain and the taste of banana and vanilla is an added bonus!

'Vanilla/Banana Teething Biscuits'

What you need

1 cup of organic flour

1 cup of organic whole-grain baby cereal

1 mashed banana

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

3 tbs organic canola oil

approx. 2 oz of chilled chamomile tea


Mix flour and cereal. Slowly stir in oil and vanilla; stir as you SLOWLY poor in tea…only use enough to form a dough ball (if you add too much tea pour in a little more cereal). Incorporate the mashed banana into the dough ball. Once it is all mixed, form cookie shapes on parchment paper and bake @ 425 in the oven for about 30-35 minutes. Half way through you need to flip the cookies. The cookies should be golden brown on the outside. Let cool completely and let your child enjoy! (please again never leave your child alone while they nosh on these or any other cookies/biscuits)