30 sec. Video Turned Emotional Cry Fest

Lately, I have been really emotional about how old Ryan is. He is a fresh two year old, also your typical text box two year old. Built for speed, not comfort. Given the fact that I am constantly cleaning up messes, juice spills, poo diapers...I should be wishing for the days when he can be a bit more responsible about his bowels and juice box handling. Instead, I find myself crying at the thought of the days when he no longer will need me for much other than to wash his dirty gym socks and give him cash for a movie.

(Please note my emotional state still doesn't mean I like to clean poo diapers....)

The other day instead of being productive during nap time, I sat and watched old videos of Ry as a baby. Then I came across this one, which really shows nothing. It is just my son sitting in the back seat. I for some reason remember that moment like it was yesterday...

We had just gotten the car cleaned. It was raining. We found these awesome sunglasses that Ryan was obsessed with for a while. And I was driving down our street and slowed down to capture him just relaxing in the back seat....Nothing special. But special to me. {Insert un-necessary tears here}

Video No Longer Available

Honestly, what I have come to understand is that I need to just slow down and enjoy my little dude for all he is worth at this stage. Also, I need to stop crying...Because I really am a giant sap!